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Strengthening in January?


Don’t know him, sorry :wink:


Not saying he’s going to sign by the way, I just know they have spoken and have no reason to discredit my source.


You mean you don’t know the exact length of discussion, the location and what they ordered for starter? Not up to the standards of certain other insiders I’m afraid.


I actually know the location :joy:, but yeah don’t think that matters too much




When’s Darren bent signing then chief :thinking:


He probably won’t, I just know they’ve had a discussion in person. Don’t get your hopes up!


Yeah I’m not calling b******* or anything, I’m sure the meeting did happen, but I’d be amazed if we sign him. It was a rumour in the summer and the word was he asked for money way way beyond our budget.

You never know though!


Someone mentioned that Gabby Agbonlahor is looking for somewhere to get back into football and even offering to play for free until end of season. I’d be looking at that option if I was Deano…


Christ I wouldn’t. He was dreadful the last time I saw him play even if it was Championship.


My source is a pretty good one, won’t name them or mention who they are on here though. The meeting happened but in terms of the outcome of that meeting nobody knows. I highly doubt we’ll sign him.


You know any more rumours pal


Inside knowledge presented sensibly and without hype. It can be done.


Nah that’s the only one we discussed. We’re mainly talking about Bolton away haha!


When’s Bakayoko coming back?


Is the mal benning rumour true pal has Keates met with him ??


Not a clue haha, literally only spoke about Bent.


Is ant gerrard acually coming back pal ??


I hope not! But we didn’t discuss that. Only mentioned Bent in our brief conversation


Just a reminder to you all that this isn’t fact! I believe the guy who told me for certain reasons and have no reason to discredit what he said. He also stated he doesn’t know if he’s signing. Keates has probably met with many players over the season