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Strengthening in January?


When’s Jimmy coming back?


After Clayton Ince


what about Mick Kearns???


When’s Brandy coming back?


A friend of a friend saw Bertrand Bossu browsing in Matalan on the retail park…


Bloody hell forget he existed!


Another of our great post-Wacka goalkeeping fails. Viva Mark Paston.


So, just for clarity, to make it absolutely crystal, you only spoke about Bent? :wink::joy:


All too quickly if you drink too much too fast in my experience.




Where did keates meet up with bent Chief ??


The Village Hotel Junction 10 according to who I spoke to.


What did they wear? Did he try the fish? (he should, it’s banging there, bit expensive though) Did they end the night with a romantic waltz in the shadow of the flashing lights of the M6?


Apparently upon leaving they embraced in a long hug which felt like an eternity, eventually ending with a peck on the lips. Hope that means he’s signed.


If that’s true, then it should be a done deal.


Signed and sealed with a kiss :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I have some inside info on our next but one signing. I would tell you but I’m someone, so won’t at this stage.

90% the signing won’t be from Albania. That’s all I’ll divulge at present. I have to protect my sauce.


To be fair if it’s Nandos it’s worth protecting with your life.


desperately thinking of a sauce pun


Jus and me both mate.