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Strengthening in January?


Look, a Sauce-pun.


Hurry mate, you need to ketchup


Is it a sauce from Belgium? Or maybe Hollandaise?


I think we should look for local players that don’t need to relocate , Worcestershire perhaps ??


People need to stop taking the pee, I have a mint sauce.


Word on the grapevine suggests it may be Trinidad and Tabasco.


Maybe we could get finance to pay for Darren Bent.

Part exchange one of the old players and pay the rest on HP


If we get turned down on the HP for him maybe we could find a couple of sugar Daddies to help


It will all make sense in Heinz-sight…


You need to invest the bread . And have someone who’ll be committed, not just on the gravy train.


Byfield’s coming back.


Glad I’m now fully up to speed, took me a while to Ketchup


Mayo take this opportunity to say this thread is toast.


Whats that? a new striker parsely on the way, Salads done brilliant


He’s cumin home


Tartare to this thread ,then.


Suprised if Bonser will allow it, I mean it mustard cost a fair bit.


What a great thread! My condiments to all involved.


Don’t be too salty, this Board is peppered with people who don’t like our Supreme Larder


The only way I can see we can strengthen any further is if we curry favour with other managers??