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Strengthening in January?


These transfer windows are always a bit of a game. You have to know when to take stock, and when to turn the heat up. Agents will always be stirring things.


I’ve heard we are looking at a German or Czech called Horst Radich. People say he is hot stuff but I would have a beef with him coming


He’s definitely an acquired taste. He might jar with some.


Maybe if Bonser would accept a peppercorn rent,we could afford new players.


I heard we’re bringing someone in from Stock-port that might meat our needs.


I’d be soy happy if we signed Bent.


Could turn out to be a sweet signing,but ,if it didn’t work out,things could turn sour quite quickly.


He would be our mein man so to speak


I’d say “chow” to Ferrier if Bent joins.


We would be crackers to let Ferrier go before Bent signs.


Fortune-Cookie and Bent up front. Mmmmmmmmm


Genuine no pun question here, if we did (and I don’t believe we will) sign Bent, who do you play and in what formation do you play them? I’d want to play Cook and Bent but that’d mean reverting back to 4-4-2 and dropping one of the middle 3.


But you have to make sure the wage calculations are worked out properly. You wouldn’t want to be working off a Dim Sum.


Oh come on really , do you really honestly think thats going to happen , and we’d splash that kind of cash … i’ve never heard such Bolognese in all of my days


I must say though if we do manage to pull it off , and sign Bent theres not many league one defenders going

to Relish playing against that sort of class …


…Plus it would be interesting to know how much bread he’d be on here …


…Apparently , Mussas Daddies been looking on this site and he isn’t very HP , and thinks we have a right

sauce taking the ■■■■ out of his mum Maggi …


Just had to double check that I hadn’t clicked onto the Mrs Brown’s Boys fan forum by mistake.
Give me strength.


Not a fan of sauce and food puns then?


Well, I thought signing him as a player is impossible, but he is without a club. Probably he wants to sign contract, but there are no club willing to offer one. But I can see him as a player-coach. Previous player was such a big impact in such role, so it’s tempting to try another one. And sorry, no food puns.