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Strengthening in January?


Dobbo aint been good for a while for me gets away with it because of last season.


Maybe it’s not a problem with individuals but with the way we’re setting up. I’ll say it again, these same defenders let nothing like this number of goals in last year. Defending starts with us in possession higher up the field and continues from there.


It’s not just the personnel.

Even poor players can be organised in to 2 solid banks of 4, tracking back, preventing easy crosses and cutting out passes. We just aren’t anywhere near organised enough, we don’t get tight enough, we are very weak in the challenge (not to pick on him, but as an example, check out Leahy for their 3rd today (I think), the ease with which he gets shrugged off)…we also clearly have concentration issues - the amount of times we concede early or late in a half is shocking.

I firmly believe these defenders could with the right training, be performing much better.


Phil, we need a performance coach…what a shame we promoted the perfect one to a position he was unsuited to. I’ll say this now and get shot down by many - we really miss Whitney, not as manager for sure, but for the job he did before that and the personality he brought to it.

Because you’re absolutely right, a big problem this year is concentration and being 100% on their game for 90+ minutes


4-4-2 just gets picked off too easily by better teams. Bolton are an incredibly limited hoofball team at championship level but they were passing it between the lines like Barca at 4-2 up today.

In fairness to DK he has tweaked it recently against Luton, Charlton and Posh and the performances have been good.

Generally to me 4-4-2 gets exposed too often so I’d rather have an extra man in central midfield to cover the spaces better when oppositon have the ball.


Darren Bent is playing in that soccer six tournament currently on SKY.

No thank you.


I think 3 of Bolton’s goals came from crosses from our right-hand side: where were Devlin, Ismail/Kouyhar? I think we need a major re-think about how we defend as a team - we need some serious practice time on the training ground before the Scunthorpe game.


Joe Day, Newport County’s goalkeeper has been really impressive today. Worth a punt, but not sure we could actually lure him away…


Can we tempt the back 4 as well :grin:


And the manager?

Actually speaks volumes that I would probably swap the back 5 and manager of Newport over ours at the moment.



Reckon we’ll be swapping divisions with them, so no chance


The time and space for the Noone cross and Magennis header is worse than school boy defending! It’s as if they are training against cardboard cut outs (who at least don’t wander out of position). I know that Martin has not endeared himself to supporters but you can see that he’s tearing his hair out! I would compare it to giving your son/daughter driving lessons: you get out of the car a nervous wreck and you’re trying so hard to give simple instructions to an inexperienced novice that the next time you get into your own car, you stall it at the traffic lights!


Mickey Demetriou is a very decent CB, played a couple of years at Kiddy.


Surely we are a more attractive outfit than Newport?




At the moment no


Well at least Newport knew how to defend. Just look at the cover their full backs had compared to ours!!! However we have better players in almost every position and what is needed is good organisation and discipline.


Hallelujah. Yes, exactly that, they had cover. Not relying on the full backs to mark both the winger and the opposing full back. If you look at some of the crosses that came in against Bolton from our right side, just look at our winger!


Maybe they should be sat down and showed the video of the game.


What are Newport’s toilets like?