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Strengthening in January?


With Edwards on the mend we look good in midfield now and out wide we have options . Good keeper if he does not get injured cuz Dunn is ■■■■■. Up top we are getting better with the Cookie Monster starting to prove his doubters wrong ( myself included)Think we just need a commanding centre half (Andy butler type or even a graeme forbes my favourite of all time. not to many like him about anymore though.) And we could have a strong second half to the season UTS


Hopefully with Deano (Smith) in place at The Vile, we could benefit going forward.


Who else is going to come to us to be a reserve keeper?


I remember Graeme Forbes, solid piece of Scottish granite! Took no prisoners, proper centre back. Also one of my favourites at that time!


Yes, me to.
Ian Roper with knobs on.


Good point … just that I have seen dunn on a few occasions this season . And he is not up to the standard required .( Got the reflexes of a slouth ) lets hope Roberts stays fit and suspension free UTS


Greg Halford anyone ?

Training at the baggies to keep fit, but no contract offer and he still lives locally, can play in various positions ?


What position does he play? We would certainly benefit from more height.


Right Back/Centre Back


We will need to buy in January.
If the rumours are true, the baggies are interested in Dobson and with Fitzwater likely to return, there’s 2.

Kinsella must be gaining viewers after his recent performances.

The villa goalkeeping is shocking, with DS and Cutler, they may look at Roberts.

I think that we could improve on the right back position, unless Kory is going to play there?

Isiah Osbourne can go for me, not the player he was

Ferrier is good but too greedy, not the best team player


Dobson literally just signed a contract. If he’s going anywhere then it’s going to cost a lot of money.


I’m surprised Halford hasn’t found a club. I’d definitely take a look at him. His height is effective. Think he’d be a good solid league 1 player. His versatility would be useful.


We’re not really short on centre-halves and right-backs though. Say what you like about Leahy but he never misses a game, would rather see some cover/competition for him at left-back if the budget allows it.


I wouldn’t limit him to just playing in defense. Pretty sure he played in every position at Forest apart from in goal. A solid utility player. Wouldn’t blow the budget on him mind.


Not sure where I’d strengthen to be honest - we seem to have decent cover in every position (left-back aside).

This could actually be one of the more balanced squads we’ve had for a while.


Yeah left back is a must but other than that I’m pretty happy. It will be more a case or replacing anybody that leaves.


Perhaps a winger/striker in the mould of Tyler Roberts would be nice, might put a bit of pressure on Ismail and Ferrier to improve.


He used to regularly nip in front of the centre forward and cut the ball out,and was so dangerous at set pieces.Sadly,due to contract dispute (he refused to forego his playing bonus or something) he hardly played in his final season.It was all down to Ramsdon throwing his money around,then when he left, we couldn’t afford to pay the inflated contracts…so be careful what you wish for as far as uncle Jeff goes…:wink::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


We both know that even if that happens we will never get to know, and even if we do bonzo will end up with the lions share, there is only one winner when we sell a player.


His pension fund won’t fillet self.