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Strengthening in January?


I did…I was there and the video of goals proves the point I keep making that we should defend as a team. if our “wingers” are not prepared to do that then maybe Edwards and Kinsella should play wide. We know that the former can do that very well Maybe they could be part of a 5 across the middle. It is not a system I like but we now need to get some points on the board.


Newport is a toilet


Reminiscent of the famous ABBA song, New “Portaloo” I suspect…


Maybe Walsall players should be shown the video of Walsall v Sheffield United with Edwards (or even Morris) at full back. It might also be worth seeing if O’Connell could return from Bury because he had the calm assurance (and height) that Guthrie was bought for. If he wasn’t so tall, Guthrie would have got ‘rested’ months ago…


Guthrie is nads.


Gerrard has signed an extension at Carlisle today, which ends that ridiculous ‘rumour’

Shaun Donnellan released by Yeovil today, will that take pole position as the next ‘my source told me (Insert former player name) is signing for us next week 100%’ rumour now?


Is Eoghan getting much of a look in at Bury? Was decent when we had him on loan.


Care to comment @Gensanx123 ?


If we’re after a striker, which I doubt we are because I’d rather see us bring a couple of defenders in, Isaac Vassell has just returned from injury at the Blues and would probably need a loan out somewhere to get his full fitness back, much better option than Darren Bent.


It has often been said on UTS that some of our players are only second division standard.We saw numerous examples over the weekend where players who play at lower levels got outstanding results because they are well coached,organised,stick to a game plan,do the simple things well and are highly motivated.Our manager and coaches need to make sure those values are instilled in every player and that those who can’t or won’t are moved on as quickly as possible.
It is not rocket science so Mr Keates show what you are made of because it is either them or you!


Most teams in this league just seem to load themselves with 3-4 good attacking players and try to get promoted that way.

If you saw the Peterborough game a few weeks back they were even worse in defence and midfield than Walsall and that’s a team who are in the top 6 (for now). They have Toney who can bang in 15-20 a season and just added Lee Tomlin on loan for rest of the season.


have no team left next week according to Walsall fans have your say:rofl:


More chance of us opting for Darius Vassell unfortunately


All Quite at the Banks’s :joy:


With the problems we have i would expect movement this week surely ?


Bloody hell didn’t realise Bonser was constipated :flushed:


But there again he is full of s–t


He saves it all up,then lets go as soon as he gets back to his Cypriot palace.


Anthony Gerrard still signing today chief?


Signed for Carlise chief