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Strengthening in January?


On this morning’s WFC Instagram stories Mr Keates says there should be one or two incomings in the next few days.

Expect Keates verbatim in the E & S this afternoon.


They did a story saying that yesterday.

“Hopefully we will have one or two new arrivals in the next week. And then we have to make sure we pick up enough points in the games coming up.”


Insightful stuff.


Not what you told me on Monday, you said he was signing for us today chief?


That’s a direct quote from Keates to be fair. Clearly he’s going to keep his card moderately close to his chest.


You’re as optimistic about his range of options as I am!


All quite at the banks


Yep. And they’ll be another one later. He said it differently today. “All being well, over the next few days one or two could be added.” Not sure if he means points or players!


Can’t be points…must be players…:laughing:


Fitzwater is out on loan at Swansea acording to Wm :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


He’s not good enough for the Chsmpionship based on his displays this season. Let’s hope that this means that Connor Johnson gets a game - he looked solid against Sunderland in the FA Cup.


That’s the problem of relying on loan players: they are not yours and the parent club can end the loan in January. The same thing happened last season when we lost Wilson (our best centre/half) and Ismail. I can’t see Martin going now.


He isn’t and I can’t see where they’ve said that


Franksy did say this, but simply because he hadn’t bothered to do his research on what was a non Dingle orientated segment.


Talk of Rico Henry maybe going to villa…Do we have a sell on clause if it happens ???


Makes no odds if we do. We’ll not see a penny.


Took the words out of my mouth, or we will be told more lies like the bradshaw transfer fee, i was gobsmacked when i heard how much we had sold him for, no wonder they said UNDISCLOSED!!! the money bonzo has lent the club has been repaid tenfold over the years, i wouldn’t be surprised if he hadn’t taken around the 30 million out of the club.


Ebanks-Landell has gone to Rochdale on loan. Better than any of our centre halves.


Don’t think MK Dongs fans would agree - one of the reasons they got relegated last season apparently.


Amazed he’s still at Wolves as always amused me he was there at the same time as Ebanks-Blake and he left them about 6 years ago!

They have a few CBs gathering dust, Kortney Hause just joined Villa. Dominic Iorfa is still there, few England under 21 caps and highly rated a few years back.