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Strengthening in January?


They also have a centre half whose name becomes Billy Wally after a couple of shandies. This amuses me far more than it should.


Three defenders needed as a minimum now.


3 defenders who all come in and settle into fine form immediately with good defensive tactics from management. Not looking good is it?


Keates has to take his share of the blame… it was obvious before the season started that we needed a good experienced centre back . But he chose to bring in 2 inexperienced loan signings instead . Partley because of the budget . Bonser can not carry on running our club on a shoestring :angry::angry::grimacing::grimacing:


Something’s got to give. This asset-stripping is killing our club and turning life-long supporters away. We need to see some serious ambition from the club over the next 2 weeks, signing 3-4 decent players or we are going down. And I’m not confident that Keates has the intelligence, motivation skills or contacts to turn things around. Let’s hope Dean Smith bombs at Villa and then comes back “home”.


The numbskulls are already calling for his head on twitter :rofl:


Bit soon to be calling for deanos head me thinks :face_with_hand_over_mouth::thinking::shushing_face:


fair point but i know his hands where tied and the majority of players where signed to make up the numbers and squad.They where 3rd and 4th choice signings apart from cook and Ismail to an extent he only got what we have because Bakayoko was sold or things would be much worse they just havent backed him.


I’m guessing the defender we missed out on was Ebanks Landell from the Wolves, he went to Rochdale.


Villa fan on WM Saturday saying ‘he’s gorra gew’ or words to that effect. After two defeats! Mind you, there was a Walsall fan on saying we played well, so I would’t read much into it :grin::grin:


Looks like Wilson has given up on League One, and living at home.

Kane Wilson: West Brom defender re-joins Exeter City on loan


Mansfield signed two good players from this league today, Nicky Ajose from Charlton and also Jorge Grant from Forest. Was on loan at Luton and scored that cracking free kick in October.

Mansfield another to add to ever growing list of teams showing more ambition and will probably be above Walsall in the pyramid in years time.


This is ridiculous, we as a club are shopping at food banks, it stinks that nearly every club in the EFL can get great signings, we wait with the begging bowl after every other bugga has eaten, so that we may be allowed the scraps. Little wonder we are slipping headlong into relegation!


I agree totally: HTF can we be outbid by Rochdale for a player who lives down the road? Bonser is killing our club - we have the playing budget of a non-league side. At this rate we won’t have to start AFC Walsall in non-league football, we’ll already be there!


You mean “half-a-shoestring” budget!


Connor Ronan probably had a word.


If you look at the number of players we have on professional contracts then you can see why we are stretched. There are probably 8 or 9 of those who will never make it and although they may not be on much money they are certainly a cost which we don’t need.However there is money available and I expect 2 or 3 good quality signings soon. If we don’t get them then we are heading for relegation.


WE won’t get them, good quality that is, WE all know what ‘quality’ we will get and we all know where we are heading.
IMHO I think uncle Jeff’s response to all this ‘unrest’ will be to sack Keats. Believing that such an action will placate this unruly riff raff that call themselves supporters. (bloomin pests, interrupting my pension arrangements! They will have me pretending to be a football Chairman next!)


We as Walsall supporters are really getting fed up now .If we don’t get at least 2 proper quality signings in over the next couple of weeks . It will really accelerate the protest and more will join us in the battle against bonser.


i honestly believe Keates has a good idea what is needed but just is not being backed enough financially to make it happen same in the summer the players bought in where to give us a squad and where his 3rd and 4th choices because the ones he wanted just would not accept what we pay.