Strengthening in January?


Personally I think keates will jump before he is pushed.


so do i said it a few times.


He knows many of us will understand why and this wouldn’t have tarnished is legendary status in my eyes. But I’m not wishing he walks, I’d like to see him given the funds/support he needs to perform his role as manager the best he can.


If only there was a manager of a nearby team with Walsall connections who might help bolster the squad with some shrewd loan signings and maybe buy an ex-player with a hefty sell-on that might enable us to steady the ship and get to the end of the season shaken but not stirred…

For example, Keinan Davis - he would be a great addition to our forward options…


If only we hadn’t been put in this position by a selfish money grabbing parasite in the first place.


I think Hepburn Murphy would have been a good option but I see he’s gone to Cambridge. Don’t think Villa will let Keinan Davis out but think it’s worth the question


One is a striker who has played the last 2 years in league 2 - without setting the world alight.

The other is a midfielder who Forest have moved from being on loan with Luton to play alongside another Forest loanee at Mansfield.
We are also quite well numbered in the midfield department .

I really dont get why we would be interested in either TBH


Wupeee ■■■■■■■ do.

You can’t make this lot up.
Does anyone of this sorry state of a club know what they are doing ? Or care ?


Any idea who was targeted in the summer? It’s alright going after big name players but they’re not much use if they aren’t motivated. Bury had a truck load of them last season and got relegated. Russell Martin has more top level experienced than everyone else signed in the summer combined and look how that turned out.

The club just needs some more nous in key positions. Finding an Andy Butler type CB out of favour at another club who knows this level inside out would be like gold dust atm.


Yeah Ajose not done much at Charlton but he was great at Swindon two years ago. Might not work out but I’d have gambled as the club is short for a pacey striker with Gordon not really a goalscorer and Ferrier who might be injured for a bit.

Grant’s a good player. Did very well at Notts County last season when they were in league 2 play offs, surprised Luton terminated his loan but guess he couldn’t get a start ahead of Shinnie.

Midfield dosen’t chip in with enough goals so thought he could maybe help with that being a forward thinking player. Edwards is best bet but I fear in the regular formation he’ll have to do too much covering by his own box and he’s still trying to get his fitness up.


Jordy Hiwula was one i know that.


Would’ve been happy with that in fairness. Seems to be finally a regular starter at this level at Coventry. Bakayoko is nowhere to be seen btw…maybe he’s an old “friend” that will come back to unite the fanbase…


Wash your mouth out you dirty boy, do you want us all to be vomiting relentlessly at the very thought?

Notice that it’s all quiet at the Banks’ again…we don’t want all these new signings to get us too excited!


They will save any new signings until the day before the fans focus meeting … you know … the normal trick :wink:


It’s gone beyond that now.

New signings don’t solve ridiculous pricing categories or the lack of any statement from the owner on Walsall’s future when he’s no longer around.

That’s the key to all this uprising.


Unfortunately it will do for a high percentage of fans. History shows every time Bonser throws a few sweeteners about most fans accept it and return to their normal apathetic status.


Will Randall been released by Wolves, wonder if he’ll be returning…


But i think the unrest is spreading

more , and more fans are getting ■■■■■■ off with the groundhog day mentality


I do agree with that. I was thinking earlier that in previous episodes of anti Bonser unrest there were a lot more voices willing to back him and claim him as the saviour of the club. That seems to at a real minimum now.


Probably because some of the Bonser supporting happy clappers like Ancient Moaner,don’t post on here any more :wink: