Strengthening in January?


Liam Ridgewell off to Hull. I know he was talked about a little on here.


Downing was a bit light weight at times but he was a nice balance to Butler. I remember how awful we were with (I think Holden) and Butler at the back. Downing came in, added a bit of composure on the ball and Butler looked twice the player too.

Either way, would stroll into this team. And probably be our most no nonsense defender.


Seems that Keates is only interested in signing an additional striker, so defence wise we will have to go with what we have already.
However they do say that attack is the best form of defence, and lets face it we are not scoring enough to counter the goals we let in at the moment


There is new defence line, Laird-Scarr, Johnson-Norman. I won’t be surprised, if that will be squad in the next games. And I think that striker is probably James Norwood. He will go somewhere, if not now, next transfer window for sure.


Could this be the signing Bonser will pull off now he can really feel the heat starting to build …:thinking:


This has some probability. Player knows manager, best striker, has a lot of experience in non-league football, tries to do something higher. On paper it looks like a good move. Very hard to argue, it is not ambitious one. If it happens of course.
And for the owner, well, it will calm any protest. If it happens, it will be sign, owner is caring about the team. Plus some small concessions for the protesting fans (for example improved match-day experience) and voila, nothing will change. Because no one will protest. But still I’m puzzled, why possibility of protest, even slight one, can cause some big decisions. If they happen of course.


Maybe a wild theory perhaps we have used Morris & his Mum as a deposit to get James Norwood from the Trannies ? Sounds like the shenanigans we have come to expect off JWB


To be fair if we paid 250k and paired Norwood up with cookie that would show ambition and get everyone excited … give the whole club a lift. I don’t think it is even a risk more of an investment.especially if he signed a 3 year deal.Hope uncle Jeff reads this and by some miracle agrees and sanctions the deal . We can but dream.:pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:


Norwood would be an absolutely unbelievable signing, so that means we’ll sign a academy striker from somewhere like Stoke.


Still think we need another centre half. Martin and Fitzwater have left and only Scarr has come in, even if it’s just a back up until the end of the season for cover.


To be fair he has already signed a left back and right back and a centre half this window. Must admit I’d like to see one more centre half though.


Laird will probably fill in at CB if needs be.


That doesn’t fill me with confidence.


Yep. In a back five it’s passable, but not as a four.

Think we’ll see another striker and possibly another winger, with maybe a couple of the fringe players heading out on loan.


Was training with us a few weeks back.we couldnt afford his wages.


I know, you told me :wink:


It’s only just hit me that we literally have just over a day and a half to get more signings in. Best get to work Keates.


I would imagine that deals are well along the way, just no announcement until the ink has dried. I hope that we have learned from our Shaibu/N’goy experience of last season.

Though this is Walsall and we are most peoples last choice.


One or two bodies possibly coming in, players moving on a distinct possibility. No mention of the trialists we’ve had in.


Lets face facts, it must be nigh on impossible for Dean to tempt decent, if any, players to come to Walsall (unless they are desperate).
We are currently bottom but one in the form table, heading towards the relegation zone, have won one game in 14, have an nouveau- antique stadium, a non existent home atmosphere, a club that us run purely for the financial gain of one individual who makes every decision at the club, a young inexperienced Manager, and fans currently in revolt against the club and it’s ownership.
Very tempting? Should I apply as a new striker?