Strengthening in January?


I tell you what, if the Jamie Ward rumours are true and we do get him, Jarvis Cook and Ward could be an absolutely lethal combination. Always admired Wards work rate too. Can’t see it happening mind you. I’d imagine he’d go to a league 1 team nearer the top of the table or a ■■■■ Championship team.


Not for the first time are we linked with Jamie Ward. Looks like he had an indifferent loan spell at Charlton earlier this season, but very good calibre for us to be after.


Ooooohhhh interesting. Would be a very decent signing indeed. The sort of player we need.


Signing imminent.


Some much for Jamie Ward, the Bescot Market has taken a young lad 20 from QPR on loan, whose wages will be subsidised by QPR


Apparently Ward could still happen, not that I’m that excited to be honest. 1 in 9 for Charlton this year :man_shrugging:t3:


According to Joe Massi the move for Ward is still on but may nopt be completed until tomorrow.
And even then his wages will be subsidised by Forest


He’s more of a winger though so I wouldn’t expect him to have many goals


Ah I thought he was a striker to be fair. Fair enough.


I think he alternates between the wing and as a striker, he did at Derby and Forest anyway


Always liked Jamie Ward. Would be exactly the type of livewire and experienced striker needed alongside Cookie.

He seems to have had his own tour of Midlands clubs over last 10 years so guess next stop is Bescot.

Have to say with the budget front three of him, Cook and Jarvis would be DK working wonders for this level.


Ward is on 10k a week at Forest and Jarvis 30k at Norwich.

I know Gamble said that these types of players can come to us with their parent club paying their wages just so the player can go out and have game time.


Jamie Ward and another back up centre half in tomorrow and I’d say we’ve had a very productive window.

Got rid of Martin who was just honestly crap, Fitzwater and Wilson went back who are no losses and Morris who is 50/50.

Jarvis has been brilliant, Norman and Laird are solid signings, Scarr looks like a good find; so too Oteh and Mussa is one for the future with possibly one or two in tomorrow aswell.

Oh and keeping Cook (until time of writing this post :grin:) is the best business we’ve done, now give him a bigger contract :blush:


Can’t see us signing Jamie ward tbh unless we sell cook.(i woukd prefer cook to stay)cant really see another player coming in. If cook does go and goes to a championship club he definatly deserves his chance


If Cook is allowed to leave on deadline day the club want stringing up by the ■■■■■■■■ we need to strengthen not sell our main source of goals and weaken the side.If he scores 20-25 this season as it looks like he will and someone comes in for him in the summer then fair enough its understandable from the players point and the clubs.


If Boner gets an offer of cash for Cook and can replace him with a “free” transfer it will happen.


I know every player has a price but if cook goes before the window closes I am sure most will be bitterly disappointed. Especially if it’s less than 500k . But then again it would probably be undisclosed again . It’s in my opinion a big 24hours in the history of Walsall fc and there fanbase. We will see !!!


I think if Bonser sells Cook he will need to spend some of his rent on a full time bodyguard …


Ward is universally disliked on the forest forum


Means nothing. He played at Derby for 4 years before Forest. They’ll jump on him the first chance they get.