Strengthening in January?


People are saying this but to go somewhere he actually needs to be linked with some clubs first…Sunderland are being linked with our friend Will Grigg and also Sam Surridge who was on loan at Oldham first half of this season.

Pompey is top heavy with centre forwards atm as are Peterborough so I’d suggest the step ups for him at this level don’t need him until the summer.

Cook will be here until the summer.


Jamie Ward to join Dundee on a free transfer.


Fitzwater re-signs AGAIN.

I am happy with this - finally Guthrie can be benched


Why would you bench Guthrie?He is our best and most experienced defender!!!


I think Keates has done a masterful job rebuilding depth in the team on an absolute shoe string. At points last season we had only one player for every position, now we have two for every position and we’ve even got players like Mussa for positions we don’t even have!


Why would you presume a shoestring then? He’s spent transfer fees, he’s incurred new wages and I would guess that we’re at least paying something for the loan players. This suggests to me a fairly significant investment on behalf of the club and maybe it’s a result of pressure on the chairman in terms of disgruntled fans or maybe the manager has said back me or else? What I don’t think we’ve done is do it on a shoestring. That’s what we did last season and look where it get us.


Because of the history of this club and every wage table we’ve ever been in. Undisclosed means nothing. It’s usually agent fees.

If that were the case he’s done even better than I first said because plenty of managers have failed previously in that regard.


He may have benefitted from the cup wins and a few transfer installments coming in. He’s obviously been given some money,


My usually reliable source informs me that Keates has been allowed to spend a small amount of the fee to be received from the sale of Cook at 22.59 tonight.


Yes but I see absolutely no reason to believe it’s any more than any other manager has been given. Keates has wheeled and dealed in the non league market and even the players he’s “brought” from other clubs have been players like Scarr and Norman who are virtually non league players themselves plus loans. It’s no different to what Whitney was given.


I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with that. The budget will vary though depending on transfer income and cup run income from season to season. Probably a positive this season as we made a few quid on the two cups.

Interesting though, the assertion made by some posters recently that he had no budget left due to contracts he inherited from Whitney. Hard to see that, given recent activity.


True but again as you say he’s also had to move certain players on. And he earned the cup money if he’s had it.

It’s not meant as a criticism of Whitney it’s a praise of Keates. Not many managers would be able to juggle our finances.


Flat footed, sluggish and poor with the ball at his feet - I’ve really tried to give him some benefit of doubt I just can’t


Rubbish never rated him be glad when he is out of the team.


Ward opted out of signing for us because he thought he was better than we are and would rather pick up a wage at Forest/elsewhere. Idiot :joy:


You must be watching a different player to me however its all about opinions isn’t it?


Agree with that…I reckon we have also received some decent money for Henry lately now that he is playing again.


I think you are correct, WalsallOne .He passed 25 appearances over the Christmas period, which I believe triggered a payment.


And I will say anybody disappointed in loan deals flick sky sports news on and watch the vidiprinter for a bit

Loan loan loan loan loan over and over.


So no Norwood, but many loans. I hope someone counted it, so no more than five in a game at the same time, will play. Hard to say who will be good, or who not. It looks like no more Zeli, maybe no more Guthrie and maybe one striker will go to no more territory. 17 games left, so I doubt all new signings play many minutes.