Strong words from Keates

I don’t think I ever saw this kind of comment from Walsall manager - I think I like it! - obviously Keates is realistic - because remember, being a footballer is just a job in the end.

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Good. Thing is I believe him too.

Talking of strong words, there was a pretty scathing opinion piece after the game too:

It needs to be said, if it gets a reaction, don’t forget that we are not out of the woods yet until we hit that magic 50 plus points.

I’m really taking to Keates as Manager, he ain’t afraid to tell it like it is, it would appear Leahy was also as embarrassed by his teammates capitulation as his Manager.
Think Luke will become a legend, despite reservations by some fans.
A bit like Devlin, his attitude on the pitch is marvellous despite his limited ability, a spitting image of the way Bennett used to be… we need such defenders.


I’d prefer defenders who can defend tbh.

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this is the problem.really like his and Devlins character and effort but they just cannot defend at this level for me top blokes but awful defensively whatever they may offer going forward.

just to add Martin and Guthrie are as bad at times.

Which goals were their fault Saturday? The one Martin scored? The one Morris completely left his man? The one Osbourne just let his man completely ghost passed or the one Guthrie puts in the weakest challenge I’ve seen this season?


You’re obsessed mate.

You brought them up lol this thread had nothing to do with them before you chimed in.

But don’t confuse bafflement with obsession. Because I am genuinely baffled by anyone who can watch our performances this season and ascertain that its all their fault. Any chance of answering the question?


Precisely, there were a few at fault for the goals on Saturday but the full backs weren’t two of them. I’m more concerned about our midfield, from what I’ve seen they may as well not have been on the pitch second half.


Not sure that slagging your players off in public is a wise move in the modern era. Whitney did a lot of that.

Whitney was doing it after 1 - 1 draws and while scapegoating the defence he built after every defeat.

When the players themselves are coming out and saying it’s unacceptable I can’t really see the issue.

He was saying more than that though. He was basically telling the public that some of them need to improve or that they will be out of a job - imagine if your boss did that publicly. Would you feel valued and motivated?

The manager should take the criticism publicly and deal with the players privately as is the case in most other walks of life.

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I’d probably buck my ideas up and make sure I retained my job to be honest with you. The players he’s referring too know the deal, they know their contracts are up in the summer. They know it’s not an empty threat. Plus it’s not like for like. I don’t perform my job in front of thousands of people that have paid to watch me every week.

I’ll never criticise a manager for slating his players after a dismal 4-0 defeat to be honest. I mean you say the manager should take the criticism, Keates has got somethings wrong this season just like he’s got some things right. How can you criticise him if players just stop playing after half time like they did at Bradford? Fair enough if he didn’t make a change or something but he can’t sub all 11. The players just didn’t fancy that second half and that showed. When the players aren’t doing the very basics that’s more on them than the manager who has manged to get a tune out of most of these players this season.

You are probably in the minority of people of your age. It is an old school tactic which worked in the days of Clough and Ferguson (although he was also bright enough to adapt as he got older.)

It is why, I believe that the likes of Martin O’Neill, Roy Keane and their ilk are unable to manager at the top level these days - they are stuck in the past. Young people these days have not grown up in the same bawling and shouting culture as previous generations did.

Anyway, more of an observation than a criticism. It will be interesting to see how it all progresses. Keates is enjoying an extended honeymoon period which, I imagine will last until the end of this season. Next season, we will not be able to blame Whitney anymore.

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Well I think your looking at a different situation. Yes, Jose Mourinho coming out and criticising Paul Pogba or whoever who is on millions of pounds a month and can probably walk into another club at will and get even more money probably isn’t the smartest move in the world.

But Kieron Morris and Isiah Osbourne aren’t in that boat.

Keates is one of us and reacted like one of us. He was angry. We were angry. The players deserved it.


For me , it is not about money, more about dignity and motivating people in the right way. That doesn’t mean that the hard words can’t be said, just better in private.

Speak softly and carry a big stick as a famous US President once said