Stuart rimmer

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It was great to welcome former saddler stusrt rimmer to the railway club yesterday

It was a pleasure. To be in his company. Yesterday. And. Stu will hopefully be joining us again. Pre the port vale game. Down at the railway club To meet and chat with fans

Stu is pictured below. With. Fans. During his visit and he and another former saddler. Micky. ( chopper Evans ). Are. Also Pictured with. Issa fc sponsor dean. From total crane solutions. And Issa manager Steve hinks as. The Issa fc. New. away strip for next season was unveiled


Even if he had turned out to be rubbish that game at Sunderland would always live long in Saddlers memory and forever be a Legend

Scored 30 odd goals in 80 odd appearances , I thought he was decent

Turned out to be rubbish? He was excellent for us. The team itself wasn’t, but he more than did his bit and he was a very accomplished goalscorer.

Not a natural finisher … But got his chances by being sharp and quick over the first 5 yards when running through to get past defenders.

I’d say he is probably one of the best finishers we have had in my time following Walsall in all honesty. Played for us during terrible times on the pitch, fed off scraps.


And that’s the problem with the forward players we have now, no natural finishers. We’ve had centre halves before who were really dangerous at corners, we’ve got massive defenders now,and not one of them knows how to trouble the goalkeeper at corners.

Re-worded my post

Fantastic servant for our club during that difficult transition period from FP to Our current home.
A great player for not only us but other League clubs. Ask Chester City fans what they think of Stuart.
Wished I was there to shake his hand, would have been an honour to buy him a drink on the back of some great lifelong lasting memories he gave me through watching us at that time. I guess we all have subjective views on our personal fan favourites, but he certainly was one of mine in that era.
Take a bow Stuart :clap:


I did like Stuart Rimmer, wish we had someone like him now!

ARNOLD Rimmer would be an improvement on what we have now :joy:

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Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast…

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