Stuart sinclair song

Can anyone share the words to stuart sinclair song please… the kids are singing a version and not sure if they singing the correct thing or making it up as they go along cheers

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Unsure of the how it starts, but I think the last bit goes:

He drinks a Carling.
He drinks a Stella.
His beard is f**king massive!

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Cheers mate the kids were close apart from stella they singing Guinness :joy::rofl:


And of course singing the child friendly ‘flipping’ version as well!!:laughing:

Ye lol :sweat_smile: from leamore tho they know more swear words than me. Things they learn at school ay :rofl:

what’s the tune the words r to

La Bamba?

Stuart Sinclair, Stuart Sinclair
He drinks the Carling
He drinks the Stella
His beard’s f*cking massive!

Make sure they get it right, every single word🤣

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:+1::sweat_smile: cheers

I thought it was the Stella followed by the Carling …:man_shrugging:

What are the words to the allez allez allez song

We’re the super saddlers, we travel near and far,We’ve got marcus stewart and super darrell Clarke.The red men from bescot ,We’ll sing this song for you,And we’ll keep singing until we win league 2 allez allez allez

it is lol

I don’t get that either!

Should be this, surely?

Stuart Sinclair, Stuart Sinclair
He drinks the Stella
He drinks the Jager
His beard’s ******* massive!

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By me everyone sings …the stella and then the Carling :man_shrugging::+1::joy:think we should all stick to that , at least we’ll be singing off the same hymn sheet :rofl: