Stuart Sinclair

Come on down, you’ve drawn the short straw to tell the fans how close we are to being a good team. I wonder who it will be tomorrow? Surely we are running out of players.


Another ■■■■ thread


We’re miles away from being a good team. We’re not even mediocre yet. We need to start winning, and soon.

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its starting to sound all too familiar for me to previous seasons the only saving grace is its early days and there is plenty of time to turn it around but i just dont see it yet in this squad so far.midfielders who pass it sideways and backwards wont win us games as much as the strikers have been seen as the problem and i think they are part of it we create very little for them to feed on we where poor last season but we at least had some attacking threat and that was at a higher level than this one.

Problem here Killer is that as we all know, time flies by very quickly and we are already seven games into the season.
How long does “early days” and “gelling” last for?


Gashead here but sorry to say sincs,gaffney and JC all not good enough for league two I’m afraid,there’s a lot better out there doing nothing.

Josh gordons turn in the E&S today confident the goals will come . Even the top strikers in the world have little ruts,” the 24-year-old said.It can be difficult to keep your confidence but as long as you believe in your own ability and have a positive attitude, you will get out of it.
Trouble is he only got I think it was 7 last year not a top striker amount of goals !

Everyday I get an E&S email update.

Everyday I scroll down to the Walsall top story.

Everyday I see it’s yet another Walsall player promising things will change/calling for everyone to stick together/predicting things will improve any time soon.

Everyday I delete the email unread.

Boring, repetitive drivel as usual.


Actions speak louder than words now…

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I’m already having doubts about James Clarke his decision making isn’t the best and passing under pressure put’s us in trouble, Sincs is hard working but we have too many similar players in the same position doing the same job

Just filling their media requirements to be fair, although it does get extremely tedious when your crap.

And we certainly are that

I think it is a bit unfair picking on sinclair, i know he isn’t the most gifted of players, but he is the sort of bloke you would want behind you in the trenches, cut him some slack guy’s :wink: as people have said all the players have to talk to the press and there is only so much you can spin.


I wasn’t impressed with Sinclair when I saw him against Newport. He was muscled off the ball too easily and his passing was poor. He and Kinsella are too similar- we should play one or the other but not both. We need to play Guthrie or Liddell in midfield. Unfortunately, DC still doesn’t know his best 11 and in what formation. I think we have to try either 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-1-2 and get Holden in the hole. Let’s see what DC’s random selection machine comes up with tomorrow.

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Worse when we are doing well and they are giving it the billy big ■■■■■■■■

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Unfortunately this division is more about effort than skill :pensive:

If we’re 12th in February, in average form, they’re talking about play offs.

Its poor mate if we could get it together be confident of challenging the play off spots big difference from league one so far and we have played a fair few fancied teams.

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