Subs at Half-Time

For ages now I’ve never understood why the subs stay out on the pitch at half time. I’ve always thought they should be inside listening to the team talk as there’s a chance they will be joining the game later.
It’s is argued that they are keeping loose, but more often than not they are just pratting about in the centre circle. They can warm up with a few sprints down the touch line if they are needed just before they come on.
This was perfectly illustrated when Otis was “warming up” on Saturday for the first 12 mins of half time before he was summoned back to the dressing room because he was coming on. In so doing he missed all of the team talk, presumably when changes in tactics were being discussed and he missed the chance to compose himself before coming on.
I get that the sub goalie might get benefit from catching a few balls, which he can’t do on the touch line, but I reckon the rest of the subs should stay in at half time.


I’ve noticed recently the fitness coach is out there at HT, putting the subs through their paces.
Think this goes back to the shambles at Hartlepool, where the home fans were laughing at the lack of interest and effort from our players, going through the motions, without actually doing anything.

It wasn’t the usual fitness coach on Saturday. It was Mat Sadler. Has Jack Deaman got the sack?

Strangely enough I said the same against Forest Green. They were messing about behaving like school kids.