Summer Transfer Rumours 2022

I’m hoping for Keillor Dunn, Telford and Norwood.

Shame won’t get any of them :joy:

That was before Paddy & Rodney left

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That’s if Flynn is going to play with wingers, im not sure he will.

I am hoping to win the euro millions tonight. That’s not happening either :rofl:

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He quoted it on Walsall fan TV. 9 or 10 will be signed. That’s it I’m afraid.

You still need to have the option to change to wingers in game even if your not going to start with them. Would be very foolish not to have the option I don’t believe for one second that Michael Flynn is a fool

If he said it on Walsall fan TV it must be true then


Because we’ve only taken one loan out, and every single club at this level takes out their allocation usually.

And before he sold the club …


Interesting time for you to start believing what Pomlett says… :joy:


I’d go for Buckley, Penn, Kelly, Rammell and Goodman. Age is no barrier :+1: (disclaimer. this is not a pish take, it is in the “sarcasm” category as I’m sure you’re post was). On 1st reading i thought it was a misplaced Shropshire tourist board post. :laughing:

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Unbelievable Jeff :rofl::rofl:

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Missed Bradshaw and no doubt a few others.

Have you actually read you prophet of Doom post where you talk about 5 years of hurt and mismanagement, no player wanting to sign for Walsall. The oblivion if Flynn can’t turn us around. I’ve never read such a depressing post!!!

Yet others are negative lol

I was asking Yam the Mods that question. His depressing prediction of misery makes me not want to attend another game.

Yet I’m negative lol

Might mean that the any reasonably established strikers/forward players may be loans which would probably mean having to wait a while until clubs higher than us have sorted who they can loan out .
Like Miller last season , hopefully I’m wrong.

I’m still apprehensive that the strikers will be names we won’t have heard of or won’t get pulses racing but I guess that’s years of us signing poor forwards playing it’s part in the old noggin.What I’d like to see is the new ownerships money playing a part in a really good striker being signed.

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Incorrect, it is about managing expectations, I’m fine with the players we have signed as I trust Flynn to turn it round. It’s you that has suddenly decided to drop by over the last few weeks and deride every signing as not being good enough. Hardly a singing endorsement for wanting to attend either!

Any chance of answering @TomWFC92 point about a sudden change of heart to believing Pomlett now given your many other posts to the contrary? Probably not…. :see_no_evil:

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Defo Lump on!

3 quality loanees & 2 more permanents in the next week.