Summer Transfer Window: How did we do?

I couldn’t see how to put a poll in but….

Rate the clubs business in the transfer window out of 10 (can a mod help?)

It will be interesting to see the range of responses and feedback

Personally, for me, it’s a 6/10.

Mixed bag for me. Promising signings with DJ, stirk, tierney and oteh adds something different. Not seen priestly yet so can’t comment but DJT is poor signing imo re-signing allen too. Williams is a young man who needs time and the new lad today seems a fill in. Smith is an okay number 2 . Key issues not filling RWB and defensive midfielder is an issue that could bite us seriously on the butt!!! Probably missed a couple out too :confused: draper is a beast tbf :+1:

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7/10 - Reasonably happy with the recruitment i feel Sadler has left a void in midfield not sure McEntee or Comley are the answer but Earing could well be the missing cog.

Despite my optimistic view I would only give a 5 due to the two big wholes that got left.

If we include the resigning of DD and Hutchinson it becomes a 7 as the main building blocks are in place

We will still get 80 points however , promotion is there for the taking

Edit: Late signing of the young lad from Wolves let’s make it a 6



I think the squad is slightly better than last season. That is also counting the manager. Taking into account DJ isn’t going away in January.

Still not a genuine attempt at attacking the top 7 though in my opinion.

6.5 out of 10. DJ and DD contract good. Stirk and Draper seem decent. Most of the rest average thus far. DJT & Taylor Allen awful. Not good enough to fill the squad. The balance of the squad is just weird.


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We are a League 2 club right now and don’t have the biggest budget so 7/10. Ask me again in January.

4/10 we’ve not improved.

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5/10 bang in the middle which is where i expect us to finish



Glaring holes in the squad.



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This morning I would have said 5/10

However given the 2 additions today I am happy to re-evaluate.

My re-evaluation is still 5/10.

Some sparks of positivity (DJ, DD new contract) but an overall sense of déjà vu and extreme meh. What initially seemed like planned recruitment descended into mediocrity to facilitate a CB playing in midfield.

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7/10 Squad strengthened with a couple of prromising hungry young players. I actually think we have a good squad now and its time for Sadler and the players to prove it. I am not expecting miracles but we have plenty of goals in this team. Tighten up at the back and learn to see games out with the players we have is the priority. With some decent coaching from Sadler and Waddock they should be good enough to do that and we can be top 10 this season.


8/10…just missing that experienced midfielder.



We added DJ as a matter of priority. When have we ever prioritised signing a proven goalscorer?

We upgraded on Kinsella.

Farquharson was a signing Newport fans were shocked by as they thought he’d go onto League One, yes he’s injured now but I’m sure he’ll come in and do well.

Added a good ‘second choice’ keeper who I feel could come in at any time to replace Evans and I wouldn’t be worried how many we’d concede, in fact I’d be tempted to put him in now ahead of Evans.

The negative for me is RWB. But I do feel Sadler is ‘desperate’ to fit Knowles in the side and the only way he can do that in this formation is sticking him there, signing a RWB means no spot for Knowles and he knows he’d get pelters for not playing him, especially when things don’t go well. Rock and a hard place on that one.


Knowles did very well in that role last week until he understandably tired after his injury.


6/10 I think we have made some good signings but also some that have been very underwhelming.

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9/10. It would be 10, but we do recognise there is always room for improvement, even when you have been delivering outstanding results for a sustained period of time.

A team full of tip-top quality Division 4 footballers that would waltz into any other side in this league. Not only that but complemented by top-quality loanees who are undoubtedly destined to ply their trade at the very top of the game.

See you all in the Mayfair Lounge later.

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Prob 6.5 out of 10. Only absolutely pointless signings were djt and Allen. Why sign these 2. It’s pointless

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