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Sunderland (A) FA Cup 2nd round replay, Tue 11th Dec 7.45pm


Wow, what a great result, I hope that one UTS sole that predicted a Walsall win put a few hundred quid on at 11/2! (Incidentally a survey on my phone had Walsall win 803, Sunderland 9553! So we have upset the formbook just a bit!
Off to Bolton for the next round. Straight up the M56, will be my first visit to the newly named University of Bolton Stadium.
Bet we can pay at the turnstile for this one!


Brilliant result. I didn’t follow the game because I was out - and came back to THIS :grin:
Whoever said that about million to one chances got it dead right - and he was one of almost none saying the same. We must get behind this young squad now. As someone else said, there’ll be ups and downs but, by God, they’re giving us a good ride this season.
Ha-way the Saddlers!!!:grin::grin::grin:


Just been over to the Sunderland forum, seems they were not bothered but upset they lost to us. A bit of cognitive dissonance there.


Think Bolton will be my first away game of the season . Love the 3rd round of the FA cup it’s were the fun starts for me . Sure we will take a few after today’s performance . Well done boys UTS


A cup tie in January?


So apparently this FA Cup lark goes on beyond Christmas - who knew?


Seem to be a few on here totally uninterested in one of our best break the form book results for years, but only interested in slagging off another poster.
Change the record lads, it gets boring and makes you look like utter morons.


Back atcha


Just when your at your limit with the idiots in charge at the club, those that matter (the team & manager) get your smile back with 2 great results. Has even made the FA Cup feel good again!

Why some supporters chose to ■■■■■, moan and be negative before a ball has even been kicked then wonder why they are called out afterwards is beyond me!


Money will come in handy too, dare we hope that it will fund a bit of quality coming in January?


Taking 200 up there midweek and two weeks before xmas is a great effort, fair play to you all.

Interested how many go up in March, 500 + especially if team is still within touching distance of top 6? Guess Sunderland is the “glamour” away day this season. I’ll be there weather permitting.


Nah just find it funny that this is the third time you’ve written us off against Sunderland and we are still unbeaten against them.

Love the result. Love that your nonsense has once again been proven as such.


Well I missed the entire game. Trying to track down my son in Strasbourg. All’s well and good on both counts. A good night thank God.


When’s Dickie Dosh coming back?


Glad to hear your son is o.k and not caught up in things there. Most important result of the night.


Bad news though. The beer in the 3 nearest bars to the ground is cack.


Bloody hell mate you must have been distraught :hushed: glad he is ok


Holy crap. Went to see Nightwish at the Manchester arena and when the goal went in, I screamed. Sadly everyone else was screaming too. Like to think it was for the same reason

I am going to have SO MUCH FUN AT work tomorrow with the Mackems.



Has anyone found the highlights yet? Really want to see Kinsella’s strike.


Apart from some comments on their site about the ‘disgrace of losing at home to Walsall’, and how not bothered they were about being out of a competition they would not win, there was this about the 201 there—
"Walsall sounded canny loud from the north east corner to be fair to them. "
Well done.