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Sunderland (A) FA Cup 2nd round replay, Tue 11th Dec 7.45pm


What a result that is! Looking forward to Bolton away in the next round in what is a winnable game UTS


What a cracking result, glad I was there, lovely ground you have to say and after the 3 +1/2 journey home I had time to ponder on what I had witnessed and think over the three games who would I swop in our team for there’s and I have to say McGeady and Gooch the rest you can keep glad they didn’t play last night and i’ll say this if they don’t buy 2 cb’s we will be playing them next year. It might be a bit different atmosphere in March with a full house, but we made more noise than them UTS bring on Bolton.


Nice bit of trivia found on Twitter.

Both of Liam Kinsella’s professional goals (v Burton in October 2015 and last night at Sunderland) were scored against the same goalkeeper - Jon McLaughlin.


That Burton goal was quality too. Kinsella marauding down the right and smashing it bottom left. Superb.


Let’s use this extra income and tie kinnsella and Roberts down on new 3years contracts . They are both improving with every game IMO UTS


The celebration too…



Beautiful <3


highlights for anyone that wants them


I know Gordon should have score, but does it look to anyone else that Ferrier was really peeed off that he had missed it?


■■■■ me Kinsella hit that sweet. Cracking goal. Needs to do that more often.


Love the way Osbourne joins the celebrations about a minute after the goal is scored!


Just a thought: we have a chance to make a little bit of club history by beating Bolton.

Surely we haven’t knocked out 3 former FA Cup winners in successive rounds before?


If we beat Bolton,that will take our total FA cup prize money to over £100,000…nice little nest egg for Keates in the January transfer window.



Well over 200k should we beat Bolton - taken from FA website


That’s his perfect sense of timing…that’s why he’s such a valuable member of the first team squad…:grin:


We could really do with beating Bolton. Strengthening in January could be the difference between a late play off push and mid table (which by all means is a great finish)


Even better…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks. It was hairy for a short time.
On the up side, if you don’t know the score, I can recommend following the game from the start by UTS posts :fu:


Don’t see why we can’t go and give Bolton a really tough game. We have a good away record and should bring a decent following, whilst they are struggling in the division above and have all sorts going on off the pitch.

Will be interesting to see if we can take this current form into a tough set of league games ahead - we’ve got Bradford (A), Peterborough (A), Bristol Rovers (H), Luton (H) and Charlton (A) before we play Bolton. Carry a bit of momentum through those fixtures and we’re likely to be in or around the play-offs and looking at a cup run by early January.

Who says the season is over?


Assuming he’s in the squad