Sunderland (H) 24th November, 15:00


Exactly. If I can sit and watch it over and over and only be borderline saying I thought it was a red, then it certainly isn’t some terrible decision and conspiracy :joy:

And on that basis I can’t see them having much luck in their appeal either.


They’re just a really salty self entitled fan base. Typical big club fans.


Kinsella got his foot to the ball before the bloke arrived. Sunderland player was late and reckless, straight red.


Has been rescinded apparently :man_shrugging:


Cool, so can we have our perfectly legitimate goal back please?




Christmas came early for them? :smiley:


I know there’s no virgins in Wolverhampton, but maybe in one of Walsall’s more salubrious suburbs? Park Hall now Asps has moved out, perhaps? Wednesbury now Metfanwy has left?


■■■■ sake :joy::joy::+1:t2:


Is it just me that thinks that Ferrier and Ginnelly are in danger of becoming another Ishmael Demontagnac? All this goading of the away fans? Why not celebrate with your teammates and own supporters? Some of the players need to be reminded that they are “league one” (Wes) to quote Paolo Di Canio…