Sunderland (H) 24th November, 15:00


A very good summary there with which I agree. Incidentally I think we have found a good player in Gordon who seems to improve every game whilst Ferrier is going in the opposite direction. Some firm management required of that young man. I think the way they are going shows the tendency to make snap judgements on players is very unwise.


Not saying say you do need to be world class to be levels above, but they are not better enough for fans to just accept that we gave away a 2 goal lead against 10 men. We should be very disappointed. Im so glad Keates is ■■■■■■ off because I felt exactly the same. If you do the basics you should see out a game against 10 men with a 2 goal advantage comfortably. It’s basic football. Naive. Very naive.

I was hearing people coming out the ground saying “well, I’d have taken it before kick off” … Well, yes. We all would. But you have to add context. We were in an unbelievable position and threw it away. It wasn’t down to Sunderland’s quality, it was down to our own nativity and lack of getting the basics right. We literally welcomed them onto us. With 10 men Sunderland were pretty woeful and we failed to manage the game correctly, and by “we” I mean Keates too.

I just hope they learn from this.


I agree it’s football basics but that’s exactly why I don’t blame Keates. You don’t need a manager to tell you to keep it tight and retain possession in that situation. I’ve heard people talk about substitutions, I’d rather Osbourne wasn’t thrown on personally.

I don’t know about very disappointed. I agree with those fans you heard around you to be honest. Am I disappointed we gave it away? Obviously. We did brilliantly to get into that position in the first place. People are having ago at Keates for throwing this game away, how about the way we completely changed our play and dominated the game for 50-60 minutes following the sending off? It’s not a granted to capitalise on that situation, particularly against a side that might not be “world class” but certainly have resources nobody else in this division does.


But as I said you should in that situation, just as you shouldn’t let a 2 goal lead slip. Football basics.


You should but it’s not a given. I’ve seen many a team not capitalise on that. I’ve seen many a walsall team alone not capitalise on that. And it’s one thing to go a head, it’s another to completely dominate it as we did and to completely change tack to take advantage.

But we lost 2-2 to a ■■■■ team going by some of the posts on here since.


Nothing’s a given in football. You can say that about any situation. Anything can happen, and what happened yesterday was very disappointing. I’m not losing my ■■■■ over it. I’m seeing it for what it is and hoping they learn from it. Get the basics right and this team can go places.


No, I’m not saying you have lost your head. In fact I agreed with the vast majority of your analysis.


Never said you did. I’m telling you I haven’t like some people :joy::+1:t2:


Nope, that was me! :joy::sweat_smile:


In which case, Sid must be a really old bastard :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Well I have been called that…along with a few more names…:woozy_face:


Yep exactly

The players are not going to bring themselves off

So it’s keates who is to blame for some poor decision making which makes his media statements very ironic


Naivety on all fronts.


Absolutely the team are not blameless

We shouldn’t have been anywhere near this but we found ourselves TWO nil up against 10 men in the second half.

From this point it is disappointing to lose 2 points

I don’t think the manager is excluded from some of the blame and yet he wasn’t about to claim any share and I don’t like this

As I said part of this may be self preservation coming off 1 win in 7 with Portsmouth, Peterborough, Coventry , Charlton , Luton and a local derby away coming up


Wasn’t at the game so won’t comment on the overall performance, however what I will say is the defending for Sunderland’s 2nd was complete crap…

You can’t criticise Keates for players not doing the basics.


Thats a point of view but who would you have taken off and who would you have brought on? By replacing Gordon with Ferrier we went for more goals and it nearly paid off…2 good headed chances not taken!! Ferrier did not play well but not sure the Manager is to blame for that.


As I’ve said elsewhere, the personnel and formation we finished the game with meant there was a greater chance of a fourth goal in the game. As you say, it could have been us who got it. But it also gave them a sniff.

Ferrier, Morris and Ginnelly are surely the players you want on the park when you are chasing the game rather than protecting a lead.

When Gordon went off surely it was time for a third central midfielder? Probably Osbourne to sit in front of the two centre halves. And when you’ve got Morris, Ginnelly and Cook on the park you can hardly be described as parking the bus.

I’m definitely in the camp that says that the poor decision making yesterday was management and players alike.


The ■■■■■■■ state of some of these comments

Are they forgetting that we had a perfectly good goal disallowed and one of the worst advantage pull backs (which would have lead to a goal) that I’ve ever seen.


Got to be honest … I still think it was a red. It’s soft and I can see why you would argue it but the guys is out of control and gets there second.

If nothing else it is technically a very poor challenge.


I’m still not 100% sure if it’s a red … but to claim it was 12 v 10 most of the game is ridiculous considering what went against us.