Sunderland (H) F.A. Cup 2nd round, 1st Dec 3pm


Out of order in the week having gone to Portsmouth. Expected a drubbing. Well I’ll eat me words. A lot better and should have won. Infiltrated the away end today thanks to one of my old friends. They anticipated walkover. Well that they
happen. A great team effort and should have won last week. We need to be SO clinical up front and tighten up the defence. Look forward to celebrating in their “TOWN” shortly.


When he’s fit he’ll eventually replace Kinsella. Liam’s done well recently but him and Dobson isn’t a big enough goal threat or at least have a run into the box from time to time, Edwards can obviously do this.


Yes attendance was shocking really …believe it or not but there was 1500 more at Leyton orient against Gateshead :astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished:




Yes, I agree with this. I thought Cook had a great game and deservedly won MOTM. Devlin defended well and also was good going forward. Kinsella really put himself about and threw himself in front of a number of goal-bound shots. And Connor Johnson did himself no harm either.


A very good second half from all the team. Stand outs for me Devlin,Kinsella and Cook. Osbourne had his best game this season in my opinion.A special mention to Johnson as well…he was good considering it was his first “proper” match. DK has some “good” selection headaches for next week.UTS


Been off my phone all day so only just seeing the result and match reports. I’d rather us not have a replay but it’s good to read that we played well. UTS!


Arrived at the ground after 14 hour flights and an incompetent, delayed national express journey, and had to hammer on the door to be let in.

First half played out as expected, with Sunderland looking more dangerous.

Second half we played really well, Cook was superb and we took the game to them, making them look quite ordinary.

Nice to see a Walsall team with so much passion and determination. Some quality moves and the defence was solid. Already looking forward to Saturday’s game!


Thought Cook was outstanding yesterday and also young Johnson played really well after looking a little nervous at first, Kinsella throws himself into every challenge and a great foil for Dobbo just need somebody making runs off cookie more he was isolated at times in the first half. Now a midweek replay, does anybody know how to get in touch for the transport as i’m not here next Saturday, so can’t pop in travel office for information any idea’s ?.


Only my fourth home game of the season but comfortably the best performance. If Sunderland are really a standout team in the division, there shouldn’t be too many scares this season as we shaded it in the second half and were worth at least a draw. Judge both the manager and the team next season, the damage Whitless and Bonser inflicted on the team shouldn’t be underestimated.

Loved Cook today, he’s clearly started to cope with league demands. When he nearly met a Leahy cross with a diving header, it reminded me of Rambo’s goal v Stoke nearly 20 years ago :grinning:


Ozzy hasn’t played much recently so if it goes back to 4-4-2 he’ll be bench player or even out of the squad when Chambers come back.

Midfield pecking order imo when everything is fit and firing:

  1. Dobson. Undisputable with him being captain.
  2. Edwards. Energy and goal threat which non of other CMs provide.
  3. Kinsella. Done well recently although needs to be given licence to get into box. Dosen’t really shoot enough from 20 odd yards either. One option might be to play him right midfield for some of the tougher games.
  4. Chambers. Days as starter are gone but excellent option to bring off the bench with 15 left when games are being won 1-0 as he can still read the game better than anyone at the club
  5. Osbourne- Subs and the odd start if injuries bite again or Dobson gets 10 yellows.


Must admit I feared the worst when he was starting but the kid did very well.


I’ll admit I was worried too - but it’s good to hear he can hold his own.


I’d agree with that order to be fair, provided Edwards hasn’t been too effected by the injury.


I think Keates…the coaching staff…and the players,will learn more from having 3 hard games against a team as good as Sunderland,than 10 games against average League 1 teams.


It’ll be a while before Edwards challenges for a first team start,and even if he does start,i’m sure an injury like that would take a toll on on any players confidence.So don’t expect miracles too soon.


Don’t be so crude!


Uncle Jeff might be pleased to see that with only four replays we stand a reasonable chance ours being £££televised. BT might go for Southport - the formula seems to be a little team at home to a league side - but Sunderland v Walsall is the pick of the replays and the are usual two live replays broadcast.

Uncle Jeff might also want to see the winners drawn at home to Newcastle. That’ll put several thousand on the gate up at the Stadium of Light.


Osbourne had a decent game Saturday. But is it just me who thinks he looks so laboured and unfit after about 30 mins ?


Would be great if it were on, but there are Champions League games on, on the Tuesday & Wednesday nights. It might be possible to persuade a pub in Walsall to have it on but don’t rate my chances here! Have to see.
Clubs shown in 1st rd replays got just under 34k each.