Sunderland on Saturday


Xmas coming early in the next couple of weeks for Suffolk Life Pension Fund!


Why is it so hard to find out prices for tomorrow’s game ? if you do not have a ticket . How much to purchase on the day 1 adult 1 junior as I usually go in family stand but think Sunderland fans have that stand now. Can anyone help ?


Exactly why I started the thread. You seem confident that you can buy today (day of match). I think you are right but can’t see confirmation anywhere.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an event that might attract 9,000 people (and still not fill the venue) where the arrangements, ways and means of spending your money to attend are so opaque.

The first time the club thought the game might be worthy of a bit of explanation in the “ticket news” section of the official site was at 1pm yesterday. 26 hours before a game where it was implied (through the press and the fact that if you tried to book online you couldn’t ) for weeks that arrangements might be a bit/a lot different from the norm. That is shocking.

Then the news itself is brief to say the least. There are no cash turnstiles and you need a booking history is more or less what it (belatedly) says.

We could have filled the place today. Instead, there will be 1,500 or so Sunderland fans who would have come that can’t because their allocation is inadequate and i’d guess a similar amount of Walsall fans who might have come but either don’t know how to get a ticket or don’t have booking history.


Update. Club has tweeted (20 mins after my post above) that you can pay on the day. No cash turnstiles. Need booking history.


That’ll reach what, 200 people on match day? Pathetic.


And a snip at £21.50…


No other West Midlands team playing today this would have been big opportunity to get extra people through the door but if you need booking history that chance is lost. Maybe proof of where you live would be better.


To me the irony of the 20 year celebration of the Graydon team promotion brings home how little the club has progressed. That season we played host to a Man City team that probably could have sold out Bescot on their own, yet somehow we managed to cope with them and at the same time sell the stadium out. 20 years on, and in mid-table with a bigger ground, we have this fiasco.


Terrible ticketing process and organisation ,sort it out Walsall :-1:t2:Shocking


The proof will be in the pudding of today’s attendance. If it is over 10,000 then by hook or by crook the club have optimised the opportunity.

@simon I think you moved stuff like this into its own section so that we could bring this type of thing into one place so that we could use whatever channels we have to escalate to the club.

Given that the club seem to struggle with reading lots of things, I will try to bring it down to a few key points if there are indeed thousands of empty seats today (and I honestly and sincerely hope there aren’t).

The important thing though is that whoever ultimately asks the questions need to have the armoury to handle the usual deflections (I’m sure it is all the police’s fault).


We might have just about managed 4,000 home fans today. Awful.

If the club had sat down two months ago with a plan of getting as few Walsall fans there as possible then they honestly couldn’t have done a better job.



I can’t believe someone is on the match thread actually mentioning that we were not outnumbered at home as expected?! Is that how bad it has got?

Poor, poor attendance again considering no other Midlands teams were playing. That hardcore of 4,5k (Saturday) and 3.5 (midweek) just does not grow at all and it is hardly surprising as nothing is done to grow it!

I was there today and was nice to be a little more populated in the home areas and that does improve the atmosphere. That’s all that can be said really.


That would have been me. Maybe I should have used the sarcasm emoji.


About 4,500, which is poor. Felt like a good atmosphere at times (for their numbers, I thought Sunderland fans were quite poor) but it’s a sign that this issue extends far deeper than imagined.

Not even the presence of Sir Ray and half the 98/99 side seemed to persuade people along (then again, aside from the Stadium Suite reunion event on Friday night, I don’t recall seeing any real promotion of that fact - although I might have missed it)

The booking history thing didn’t help.


Fortunately I didn’t fly over from HK. I probably wouldn’t have got in.


there isn’t one is there …:thinking: :rofl:


I was being sarcastic again so maybe we need one.


There we have it


Bostin! Just the ticket :joy:


How many tickets have Sunderland had for the cup game? Will they be just behind the goal?