Sunderland roll call


I once met a Saddler on Ripley marketplace and on another occasion followed a car with a Saddlers at Wembley sticker down the A610. Derbyshire, it’s just like the Arboretum, only bigger!


After the 2nd leg milk cup semi the fog was so bad that i ended up sleeping in car in car park in middle of Ripley. My only connection with the place though.


Don’t forget me and grandson on edge of Derbyshire in Uttoxeter!! Need a minibus for the trips!


Forgot to say I bumped into another Saddler in the butchers in Uttoxeter cos I had WFC badge on jacket he noticed. Must organise a Derbyshire pub night!


Like missionaries, we have to spread the good word.:+1:

If we stay up and Mansfield and Lincoln get promoted the East Mid Saddlers will have to form for away day visits


Cheers Geordie. Some very good recommendations from you (as I expected). We enjoyed sampling in each of them. We also popped in the Newcastle Tap which had a good selection to choose from, even it was a bit ‘hipsterish’ :grinning:


Good day on Saturday despite the loss. A shout out to the Park & Ride - free parking, free bus, no problem with Sunderland fans before or after the game. Enjoyed being 1 up for half an hour, didn’t enjoy the wind and agree the Roberts could have done better for both but when Grigg received the ball, there was only going to be one outcome. Should have drawn at least though. Roll on Saturday, Barnsley are due a good beating from us methinks.