Sutton United tickets info


just sorted mine, should sell those out with it being a new ground etc. Relatively easy trip by train, drink round london then jump on the tube/overground.

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Just got mine as I’d gone to get an Oldham ticket.
Impressed that their concession prices are 60 +, often not the case in that neck of the woods.

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Got mine too. Looking at the picture of the ground on the article, gone with a seat in the stands as the terracing doesn’t seem high or deep enough to give a decent view (and only partially covered).

We’re still waiting on the TV to make up their minds which games are going to be televised before we’ll know when the KL game will be played so will be at least another day or so before we have the tickets for that.

Got ours…also in the stand. That said I read the warning that the leg room is quite tight, but we’ll see.

Standing ticket purchased. Proper non-league ground this one.

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So do you need a season ticket and away booking history or just one of those? It is a bit unclear how it is worded.

If it is just away booking history I might have a chance.

I just tried with my away booking history and it wouldn’t let me so assume it is both until tomorrow.

Unlikely to be any left is there. I’ll try in the morning, if I get one and you don’t you can have mine mate.

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I wonder if it will work from midnight onwards for everyone else being an online facility

I’d give the ticket office a ring rather than go via the online thingie.

They probably will all sell out but doubt it will just be those with priority in the first 24 hours. Are there more than 545 season ticket holders who also have away booking histories and who want to go?

BTW At the moment the game doesn’t appear to be all-ticket for Sutton fans …

This is like the Tranmere game again everyone panicking for tickets :joy: we might sell out but it won’t be in the next 24 hrs we took 490 to Leyton Orient so 550 to Sutton is about what we’d take even if the allocation was 5,000

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All ticket for Sutton fans ?
They only get 2,500

Not sure about that, new grounds tend to bring out fans that don’t bother much for other away games.

I’m definitely not panicking, those days are long gone. To be fair I have only not managed to get a ticket for a Walsall game once and that was Burton away, managed to get one for the home end. I even got one for Stourbridge in the cup.

Yeah I did that at Burton stood on the side stand .
I’ve got my Sutton ticket but if I didn’t I’d be phoning Sutton utd for a ticket in the home stand there’s always a way

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I don’t want to tempt any naughtiness happening but I was inferring that tickets for the home sections would be generally available even if we sell out our allocation. Like @Blazing_Saddler, there have been a couple of games where I’ve had to go to the home club to get a ticket (although I did make plain that I was a Walsall fan when I wrote to them asking).

You were probably stood by us mate. There was a few Burton fans kicked off about away fans being in the home end at one point. I say kick off it was a few grumbles at the stewards who just laughed at them. We were well behaved to be fair, although wearing a bright red jacket did make me stand out a little.

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I didn’t I gave them a relatives address in Coventry just to confuse the situation for that Burton game🤣 I don’t think they would have let me have the tickets with a ws postcode.

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The games I had to do it were Crewe in the play-offs and Stourbridge - and in both cases there were loads of other Saddlers sat near me who had done the same (so fair play to both clubs for trusting us to behave ourselves).

For anyone going by public transport, get the Northern Line to the end of the line (Morden, my stop :confused:) and take the No 80 Bus to Bushey Road / Collingwood Road. Happy days :grin: