Swindon FA cup tickets

The tickets for the FA cup game v Swindon go on sale tomorrow morning (tuesday) at 10:00.
adults £15.00
Concessions £10.00
Juniors £5.00
Season ticket holders have until Monday 22nd Nov to claim their regular seat

So that means the whole stadium is open upper tier and family stand .
This is where I know for a fact the club are out of touch , There will be 2,500-3,000 max in the ground for this game any other club whether it’s Man Utd or Macclesfield close sections of the stadium when they know the gate will be low . With how deluded Pomlett is with his attendance predictions he probably thinks we’ll get 5,000 in :joy:

well it’s cheaper than the league game prices and I’ll be going. Don’t underestimate the lure of the FA cup and it’s right after 3 away games. How long has it been since we had a cup run? I can see us getting a gate of 4500.
Especially because who knows what the 3rd rund brings?


Maybe. But if I can’t sit in my normal seat upstairs I’m probably not going. It’s a much better view than anywhere else, so I’m pleased it’s open and I’ll be there.


I’ve heard this been said by many people whenever I mention the upper tier should be closed and it’s always the same answer ie " well I for one won’t go if I can’t sit up there"
It’s a good job that stand was built when it was or we’d be getting 3,000 gates with that kind of mentality. What baffles me is people who have been going to Walsall for 40 or 50 year’s say it so they are basically saying they’d stop watching the club they’ve followed their whole lives because they’ve been told to sit in a different part of the ground.
Like i mentioned it’s actually common place for most clubs to close parts of the stadium if they expect a lesser attendance but Walsall being Walsall I know we never actually do anything normal let’s just have 2500 fans spread around 11,000 seats yeah that sounds perfectly normal thing to do :joy:

What we need is a cold snap that causes the game to be postponed and rearranged for the following tuesday, by which time we will know we are playing for the right to face ManUre away or Liverpool at home, something like that. Big crowd that night with a very large following from Swindon.

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Swindon will bring max 500 so what your saying is we are going to sell roughly the same amount of tickets for Swindon at home in the fa cup second round as all the season ticket holders there on Saturday about 200 giveaways for the kids in the family stand and the people who got tickets for a fiver , ok mate .

Swindon will bring a fair few esp with their away form

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We’ll there’s your answer - people who sit upstairs want to sit upstairs. Over recent seasons most cup matches have been played with upstairs closed. It’s a rarity for upstairs to be open for cup matches. We’ve watched matches from other places (Doncaster most recently), but we don’t like the view as much and it’s either obstructed by posts or open to the rain. If we wanted to sit downstairs or in the oap stand we’d buy our season tickets there.

Incidentally, I had a season ticket before the big stand was built.


My wife sits up there with my daughter and the view is excellent from her seat on the front row.It must be a fantastic view from near the top of that stand.


Guessing many will swerve Vale after Saturdays debacle.

1300+ sold so far which is an amazing effort. For a night game .


1306 been sold for that anyone who’s 50/50 on going probably won’t be after yesterday’s performance, I’ve seen people selling tickets on Facebook already

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I know a fair few that have knocked it on the head that’s why I mentioned it, should still scrape 1600 mind.

The manner of the defeat Saturday has put a lot of people off losing is one thing but the lack of effort was abysmal one thing player’s will never get away with at Walsall is lack of effort. I’d love to have heard what Marsh and Vivash thought about it after the game I know they’d pull no punches . I said after the game and it’s honestly no exaggeration we would have lost to Rushall Olympic on that showing, that’s bad really bad .

We’re on the back row in block 2 of the Upper Tier. Fantastic view imo.

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More than that Otis. For some reason an FAC away day is more appealing than a home one. I expect 1000.

We sit on front row pretty much right behind the goal. Great view and catches the atmosphere on the odd occasion when the top and bottom tiers manage to synch up.


All depends on how we do Saturday now I think. A win will take us up to 1500+, anything other than a win and can see us just about topping 1400. Think everyone who wants a ticket now will have one but there’ll be those who wait and see how we do Saturday. Top effort still for a Tuesday night, just hope we show up for it and don’t perform like we did last Saturday as these are bang in form.

Include a few of us in that. Win Sat and we will be at Vale.