Swindon FA cup tickets

I think there will be many doing the same.

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Is that a bit like scraping a million pounds on your raffle ticket or scraping a date with Scarlett Johansson?


They’ll bring 1,000 easily imo.

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Haven’t been to an FA Cup tie for ages so I’ll be there shouting from the upper again no doubt :relaxed:

Possible but I doubt it , Shrewsbury brought a thousand in the fa cup a few years ago the overall attendance 3,500 .

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I think that was the first round though.

I’m a season ticket holder in the upper, regarding Swindon game fa cup. I,m really in two minds as the performance on Saturday was really embarrassing to watch. To be honest it’s been hard to watch all season with little attacking intent. Watching players that give little option going forward, glad kinsella is back as he will steady the passing across the back line. Or back to keeper. So let see what happens Saturday for me will be lucky to get 3800 for Swindon. But might struggle to get 4600 this week.

I think there’s been a lot of tickets given away for the Rochdale game in the family stand otherwise that would have been a very poor attendance this week.
That’s one thing people don’t realise we give away loads of tickets every game for school’s etc even local companies get free tickets I got offered some the other day in Yates’s by a fan complimentary tickets for the family stand the person who had them had about 20 in his hand he couldn’t give them away .

Usually I’d agree and say we will have around 2,500 of our fans there but bear in mind last week we got over 1,600 of our fans, on a Tuesday night, for a trophy game, that we had already qualfied from the group for so I think we could top 3,000 of ours…especially if we win one or two of the league games between now and then.

As @TomWFC92 says I think it’s not unreasonable to expect Swindon to bring over 1,000 too.

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Swindon could in farness bring 1000+ it’s a easy journey we should give them the home end so they can have the nice view and our 2,500 can go in the other stand’s :wink:

They certainly don’t have as many roundabouts to contend with :grin:

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Early prediction 3762

The swindon forum seem to think they’ll brig a large following. Some prat even said 5000.

They haven’t lost way YET :grinning: :grinning:

I’d be happy for them to bring that many like I say let them have the home end wolves let West brom have the north bank once

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Why would we do that and upset our own fans? What point would we be making?

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Same point Burton Albion are making extending the away stand at the Pirelli

Take their money happily. It’ll make up for preseason shortages.

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Ok good idea. Lets ask the club to do it.

I wouldn’t mind , quicker exit to the train station, the club would love to do it they stopped people going in the upper one game for a wedding,they’d be overjoyed to put 5000 Swindon fans in there all getting pissed up