Swindon FA cup tickets

And we haven’t showed much consistency in our performances YET :grinning:

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Fa cup isn’t what it used to be but I would expect quite a good attendance 5000 plus

Would be amazed if it’s close to 5k tbh, thought it would be 10 quid and fiver.

Won’t be long until this lot over take us.

Adam Rooney upfront can’t have come cheap even at his age they looked a good outfit and agree they’ll be above us in a few years mate.

Can’t imagine there’s much between us mate, they will have a number of players that would do a great job for us.

Rooney is rumoured to be on £3-4K a week there

Wow and how? I don’t know much about the owners though guessing they have a few Bob Rob? (Poet and I don’t even know it)

It’s Darryl Eales, was on board at Oxford when they got out of non league and got going again. Local businessman who wants to do the same at Solihull.

Darryl Eales - Art4Charity

Ground been improved a fair bit since I went there to watch a pre season friendly in 2017 and they’ve just opened a new training ground. Got Neil Ardley as manager who did a good job at AFC Wimbledon so it’s all set up for them to make the league but hard part is actually getting out of that division given who else is in there.

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Cheers mate just had a read like you say tough league to get out of and I’m glad we look as if we will have enough not to be involved at the bottom this season hopefully mid table once we have a full squad of what I’d class as first teamers available.

I think I know who they are. Sit just in front of us and have mentioned that hubby/dad sits elsewhere!

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Phoned the ticket office today and got my usual seat in the Poundland stand for the Swindon FA cup game. (Aren’t they obliged to sell tickets for £1 in there?)
Pick it up on Saturday.

Swindon have sold 1350 tickets so far.

Was always going to be a good following.

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That’s about 1,000 more than we’ve sold then :rofl:

I never expected more than 2k of us anyway. 30 years ago I would of thought 6,000 or more for this one, sadly those days are over for the FAC ( unless the winner plays a top Prem team).

3,500 or so would not be that bad in the circumstances.

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Recent home crowds for the FA Cup have seen about 2000 home fans, which is a shame. Even against Coventry and Sunderland we didn’t seem bothered.

Darlington 2,882 (1,229) 1,653
Sunderland 3,140 (948) 2,192
Coventry 4,760 (2,665) 2,095

This one will be similar to the Darlington gate but people question me about saying close the upper , to me it’s Just sensible. If I run a pub and 26 people turned up most nights and I had a lounge and a bar I wouldn’t open both

If you were as cheery a pub landlord as you are on this thread, you’d be lucky to get 26 customers in to start with. :rofl:


Or if the choice was one or the other, why not close the lower and only open the upper tier?

Better facilities, a covered stand, more capacity and a better view of the game?

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The main reason would be it would look like we was playing behind closed doors