Swindon FA cup tickets

Who cares though? Surely most of the people interested in the Swindon game will be there. Its a League 2 ground and they are usually more empty than full anyway.

I know of at least 3 upper tier season ticket holders that are usually 50/50 on going to cup games anyway who would be a lot less likely to go if the upper tier was closed.

I’m thinking 1 atmosphere would be a lot better if everyone was together rather than spread out all over the place and obviously that would mean everyone as close to the pitch as possible but mainly why on Earth would any business be it football club ,boxing event, local bingo hall open literally 1000s of seats if they know there’s no sod going to buy the seats being made available.

So you’d force everybody to sit in an inferior stand (view and comfort) in order to improve how it looks on TV?

I shan’t be going to this.

I think I’m typical of a lot of season ticket holders. You get three months into the season and if you do a fair smattering of aways as well as all the homes it just feels like an opportunity to have a bit of a break and save a couple of quid in the mouth of Christmas.

It’s a bit illogical when I did Kings Lynn which is a bugger of a trip. But maybe it was that buggeration and novelty value that made it attractive.

Yeah obviously loads of clubs do that not just for how it looks on tv but that’s one reason , for specifically the game we are talking about they’ll be about 400 people going in the upper tier id just say it’s not financially viable to open it , it’s actually probably not but the club know 100 out of the 400 who go up there are costumer’s who might be very upset so will open it anyway it’s obviously makes no sense for a lot of reasons . What do you think the FA do when England Play Albania , Andorra etc and the stadium looks full and there’s 60,000 in there ?

This is a big game for me now in the season.

Yes they’re in form but it’s still a team from same division, not league 1.

Win this and hopefully get a good round 3 tie and excitement from that will hopefully mean decent run to xmas.

Lose and it just feels like last 5-6 years, mediocre league season and no excitement at all from cup runs.

Hopefully MT gets them up for it like he did in Burslem.

Or the alternative is Man. United at home in January played behind closed doors given that’s the way the covid wind seems to be blowing again…

Struggle to give much of a knackers about the cup, apart from the chance of some prize money / TV money, but even that will be squirrelled away somewhere. If we do get a “big” club in the third / fourth round it’ll only be their reserve team.
Much more interested in getting out of this league.

Maybe we will be able to afford a hotel for the team for certain games if we have a good cup run ?


You can get a basic hotel room for £40, it doesn’t have to be a luxury hotel.

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I’m only going cause I bought a ticket weeks ago, I can’t really be arsed to be honest . It will be a routine defeat and cup exit.

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Glad I’m away next week, I’m sick of these shit performances.

I’ve said all along nobody is going to this game trust me , if we get 1,600-1,800 we’ll be lucky. Now I personally haven’t got a problem with that the problem I have is out chairman Pomlett will genuinely and I’m being honest here would have thought we’d sell 3500 -4000 , the bloke ain’t one of us he’s out of touch

Well I am going to the game and I hope many others will too. Win on Saturday and we are into the 3rd round for the first time in years. There have been posts galore on here wanting a cup run so lets go and try and help us get that. If we win a good draw would lift spirits over the Christmas period.
Not sure what your point about LP is though. I haven’t seen any comments predicting what the gate will be.


He’s said nothing specific but the fact he’s opened the entire stadium surprised me the price £15 I thought should be £10 and a gut feeling I genuinely think he would be expecting 3000-35000 walsall fans there and obviously anything less he will be disappointed ,I knew for a fact we would only sell 1500 -2000 tickets for this game regardless of any results between now and next week and obviously his bizarre previous comments on Walsall gates if we do well in the future, I personally think the bloke is a bit delusional , I wouldn’t expect a Crewe chairman for example to start saying we are going to get 10k gates in the championship and for the same reason I don’t expect a Walsall chairman to say it .

Well we will see won’t we but if we win and draw, say, Man Utd, in the next round I don’t think there will be the same issue !!! People with an FA cup booking history should certainly be given priority along with Season Ticket holders.


Yes hopefully because I’ll do what I did when we played Chelsea I’ll get my 2 from my season tickets , get 2 more on my “booking history account” and get my mate to get his 2 and sell 4 for £75 each to some man united fan outside the matalan :rofl:

The Lincoln Chairman said it. Delusional?

I’m going, just because I am bothered about the FA Cup. Always feels like part of the season is over when we go out of the cup. The dream of getting a really decent big side away, or Villa, is what it’s all about.


Swindons Away record is top notch this season turn up like we did against carlisle and anyone dreaming of a big third round match will be disappointed.


I would of been going but tested positive yesterday :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

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