Swindon FA cup tickets

Reminder that you can’t watch the game on iFollow as the FA don’t allow streaming of FA Cup games. Even for foreign (or VPN) viewers
So if you want to watch it get a ticket!

You ok buddy?

Yes thanks ,not too bad felt rough last week after having flu jab so put it down to that then I woke with a headache yesterday morning so took test .Managed to do stuff in the garden this afternoon. After a morning of phone calls and paperwork.


Struggle to manage all that when I’m well.

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That’s what happens if you keep taking the test

How you feel ok mate all the best :+1:t2:

Thanks mate, not feeling to bad at the moment apart from the looming threat of boredom there is always the Bojo thread to read


Oooh oooh :raised_back_of_hand:t2: May I suggest the covid thread it is just as fun and more relevant to your current situation :joy: only jesting of course main thing is your feeling well.Thoughts on the game Saturday then seen as your bored? I fear a loss with their away form and us being more miss than hit would love to be wrong and get a prem team on the TV,nice bit of cash for January then, as I recall the 3rd round games are usually early January? So might help with a player or two.

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I think because we expect us to struggle we will do quite well ,as when we played Sunderland a couple of years ago we thought we would of got battered so you never know plus we do often bounce back after disappointment . It’s normally the first Saturday in January obviously not this time so i think it’s the 8th so sadly if we get through we will miss out on Stevenage away on Saturday!,

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Dear me. lol after yourself and see you soon.

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Yow should go for a loff really :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

(Obviously only joking before the restriction crazy gang jump all over me)


But I thought you weren’t coming to the match? :confused:


The club keep tweeting about buying tickets for this game I Know I predicted a low turnout but even I didn’t predict how many we’ve sold so far I’m not exaggerating looking at the online sales map we’ve sold about 300 tickets I hope a lot of people buy tickets on Fri or pay on the day we could be breaking all time low turnout from our home fans thank God we are not playing Crawley or something at least Swindon will boost the gate a bit .

Nah the away fans will bolster the attendance :rofl:

No pillow talk on here please.

I ve since learnt you can’t bore yourself to death on I follow

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I must admit to be struggling to summon up the motivation to go. Freezing cold and (probably) turned over doesn’t fill me with the desire to go at the moment.

Think of the BCA pre-match pints

Might go to BCA and stay there all afternoon :grin:

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You are exaggerating though. I did a rough count and there’s about 300 sold in the lower tier alone, probably about 250 in the middle, 100 in the upper, 150 in the family stand and probably 500 in the main stand. Roughly 1300 total which is still pathetic and we’ll likely be outnumbered by Swindon but not that far off the Darlington turnout.