Shrewsbury go 1-0 up against Doncaster and move up to 17th. We drop down to 19th, 4 clear of the relegation zone.


Better news. 19th as Oxford are 20th.


That’s what I meant to put!


Not really living up to your user name ? :smile:

PS Did we meet on the train back from Reading a couple of years ago? I was travelling onto Swansea (was a bit ■■■■■■).


Only been in Cardiff since September so no not me!


Must be a Cardiff swarm of Saddlers then :smile::smile:


Tonight is a bit of a blow in my opinion. On one hand it shows how vital it was to win on Saturday but on the other it makes me think ■■■■ sake we just aren’t going to escape it are we? Burton/Fleetwood game as important as the Bradford game for me. We really need to kick on as we really can’t afford to have a winless run after a good win like we did after Gillingham…


Very good win for the Sloppies, Donny will likely finish in the play offs.

Probably an example of an inspired loan signing in January turning a season around, Tyrese Campbell already scored 3 times for them.

Remember that time when Rowett said Walsall could have a few loan signings after the Kory broken leg? Would love to know what happened with all that as Harry Souttar who was apparently offered has been excellent for Fleetwood since Stoke sent him there so certainly missed out on some good ones.


Bit of a bummer result last night for us, who would have expected Donny NOT to win there last night!
Still looking very bleak for us in the relegation dogfight, even after Saturdays dramatic win, this new ‘spirit’ must continue or we are in serious doodoo’s.
Nevertheless we keep the faith and hope the MOC influence continues to produce the necessary results.