Taylor out?

He was down South talking to a player don’t you know :+1:t2:

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I’m not for Taylor out but I am getting a bit fed up of hearing how great the players are in training.

Interesting. When did it nearly happen? I mean by last day of the window he’d already scored a hat trick for Villa in the cup and since then he’s scored at Chelsea and came on last 10 minutes today so he’s not being loaned out in January and certainly not to a league 2 club.

Time to target him was early July but seems there was real lax attitude to getting in a proper CF.

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This is really starting to feel like the Keates reign. Hope I’m wrong.


Pomlett is the route cause of it all. Won’t have anyone tell me anything different. Top 10 budget rhetoric is a load of rubbish. I was told of a player and it’s 100 pct accurate who signed for Bromley instead of us because the offer was that much better. That’s our level. So no wonder we are struggling


Even Clarke is doing OK with the Vale 4th in the table at a well managed and financed club

Am beginning to understand now why he jumped ship


I know I am going to get crucified for this but
Put Lasibie Holden Wilkinson kinsella into that team we win
Late goals v Scunthorpe Newport and today has cost us six points we could have been in top half at least
MT maybe inexperienced but Macdonald should bring that know how
The issue is defensive recruitment stop crosses defend set pieces we can’t do it 8 out our 13 goals conceded are from set plays
The squad needs more but if we put the four missing players back in the bench would possible have Phillips Perry Earing shade or different combos like kienan instead of shade which gives the options we are missing


Many of the comments are laughable, as expected. Top of the pile is that “pomlett should step down” from his position.

22nd in league two. We don’t own our ground. We pay over £400k in rent each year. Who exactly is going to buy such a club if Pomlett “steps down”?

Do you think that’s acceptable?

What’s that got to do with the point I’m making? The fact that we are 22nd, don’t own our ground, pay crippling rent, don’t have the off field income we did pre-pandemic and have a toxic fanbase means that nobody is going to be interested in buying walsall so to say “pomlett has to go” is utterly pointless and stupid.

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Anyone want to play the @ShropsSaddler drinking game?

Shot for every time he blames the fans :+1:t2::disappointed_relieved:


How is the fan base toxic ffs :joy::joy::joy:

Season tickets sold in good numbers , 1300 at Tranmere, all I have seen is good support.


Pomletts other son.


It’s got to the point, when I was on the train back after the game, that I just can’t stop thinking “I can’t be bothered any more”

Anyone else feel like this?

I have a season ticket, and I genuinely feel like just picking and choosing now.

We have given this club so much support over the years, and even moreso during the pandemic - and this is what we are given in return?

A steaming pile of dog crap.

You lot running this club, hang your heads in shame. This is actually worse than Bonser now - and I can’t even believe i’m saying it.


You just long for that free-flowing Darrell Clarke football we all grew to know and love.


Joking aside, I don’t see how this ‘football’ which we were promised, that would be attacking and attractive… is anything different to anything served up by Clarke.

It’s pathetic. I’m probably more angry now, than under Clarke because we were categorically told in pre season by Leigh that we would have a much better season.

Thinking out loud, I think much of my patience with Clarke was due to the pandemic and the restrictions that placed on football… but there is zero excuses for this shambles.

I think Clarke’s squad was better (and he’s, underperformed) but I don’t think we ever looked dead on our feet 70 mins every game, nor retreated into our own half as much as we do now.

I don’t think this is all Taylor’s fault mind, he’s being handicapped by this unbalanced pathetic squad mostly… but the decisions today to replace two midfielders with a RB and Centre half is a cause for serious concern.

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Once again @ShropsSaddler unable to provide any analysis other than sniping at the supporters who have turned out in good number despite historically bad on-field performances.

I do wonder if he actually goes to the games? :man_shrugging:

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I am in total agreement with you. People looking in from the outside might just think we are being fickle fans but we have put up with since the 2015 season under Smith. We are getting steadily worse despite all of the big talk and promises from various managers and the current chairman. We as supporters have backed the club when called upon during Covid but we get nothing in return. It is obvious that despite Pomlett having his heart in the right place, he is not up to the job of chairman. He may be good in the business world but he isn’t any good so far in the football world. The job is simply too big for him. Taylor is still learning his trade but we can’t afford him to make too many mistakes as we will be in non league football. Fullerton didn’t fill me with confidence from day 1 when I read what people at his previous clubs thought of him. There is clearly so much wrong at our club that it needs totally new blood with deep pockets and I don’t think that will happen any time soon. We are in for a very rough season.


Anyone not spewing total hatred about their chosen hobby is because of family relations?

What a strange mind you have.

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Oh god. Ramred is back everyone.