Team for Coventry


Let’s spin the wheel again and see who comes out .

For me


Devlin Guthrie Fitzwater Leahy

Kinsella protecting the back 4 in a holding role

Edwards. Osbourne Jarvis



Would have Dobson CM if fit but he isn’t .

2-0 win .

Problems over .

Simple .


Wonder who will come out the Keates tombola for this game?

In addition to his awful favourites obviously.


If Norman or Gordon start then I seriously think he hasn’t got any brain cells left.


To be fair id throw in Guthrie and Osbourne too personally.


Where’s chambers? If he could hobble on one leg I’d get him in doing that job in front of the back 4. How we miss him. Otherwise, I quite like that team but would worry about defensive cover against their wingers and full backs


Even with hit and miss selection, sometimes it will be good starting eleven.

Norman Fitzwater Johnson Laird
Taylor Osbourne Kinsella Jarvis
Cook Oteh

Attack on wings and hope for the best. It can’t be worse than last game.


Roberts and Cook the other 9 pulled out the hat.



Devlin, Fitzwater, Guthrie, Leahy


Blackett-Taylor, Edwards, Kinsella, Jarvis


Would be Dobson over Osbourne if fit.


Can’t argue with that team, but “one-brain cell” Keates will probably pick the following:

Roberts - Norman, Scarr, Guthrie, Leahy - Devlin, Osborne, Edwards, Blackett-Smith - Cook, Gordon.

Keates has made some really poor signings: Gordon, Dunn, Norman, Scarr stand out. I can’t believe that we’ve actually paid money for Norman and Scarr and given them 2 and a half year contracts. And is it true that Gordon is on a 3-year contract? We seem to specialise in non-scoring strikers. Gordon: is it 1 goal in how many? Ferrier: 1 goal in 20-odd games. Makris: 1 goal in 30? Thank goodness for Andy Cook.


Everyone keeps including Osbourne, why? A wooden plank of 4x4 would probably be a more mobile option.
Perhaps we should put all 31 of our squad on the pitch (the quality of Ref’s we get would probably not notice) we would still lose.


Devlin Johnson Fitzwater Laird
Ismail Kinsella Edwards Jarvis
Cook Oteh


Osbourne was far from being one of the worst players out there last night. He was the one player who I thought was trying to play football rather than hoof it aimlessly upfield. That said the bloke next to me was determined not to give him any credit, waiting, just waiting for him to make a mistake.


Spot on Gabor


I genuinely don’t think it matters. We have some good individual players on their day, but as a squad 1-11, whoever we put in that 11 doesn’t have the quality to succeed at this level any more.


Yes I’d go for that line up also, but guarantee Keates won’t!


Who ■■■■■■■ knows.

I know this he either keeps the same team, and gets critcised for not changing it. Or changes the team and gets criticised for chopping and changing.

I’d say the only way to avoid that is winning but I’m not entirely sure.


He was his usual dreadful self. I really don’t know what he brings other than lumbering around in front of the defence.


Drop Cook :joy:


Winning would be nice, essential in the circumstances, but the result comes at the end of the game. Nobody would criticise if the team took the pitch looking organised, motivated and professional, and then put in 90 minutes of effort doing their best to get a result even if ultimately they didn’t. That’s what we were doing at the start of the season, and nobody expected us to carry on getting results every week.


Yeah ok.