Team for Saturday?

Who’s in your XI? For what is a must win game for me.

Harry Middleton

George Andrews

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Does it matter? On paper squad looks ok link. The problem is after 40 games, I still don’t see first eleven. Picking players randomly would be probably better.

“What team are you picking for the game on Saturday Dean?”



Got to start Andy Cook at home on Saturday. More his type of game taking it to them and not relying on the counter attack.


Cook for Osbourne would be only change for me.

We are lacking someone who can carry the ball in the middle of the park. Dobson is there to break up play and look for the ball. He will pick a pass but not going to run 20 yards forward. For me you cant play Kinsella and Osbourne together (Kins obviously plays). Edwards can carry the ball but for me has lost his legs. The only other option would be to play Zeli there. I recall him doing this for Bury against us last season as was a handful. We can then push Gordon wide with Cook up front, or Jarvis wide if fit (gut feeling I dont think he will play for us again).
442 leaves us too exposed so we have to stick to the 451 but add a bit more variation and flair to our play through the middle.

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Agree, selection isn’t really the issue. It’s the rubbish decision making , game management and continuous individual mistakes that continually cost us.


I’ve said that ever since he ‘disappeared’ from the scene quite bizarrely with quotes of an ‘ankle injury’ being banded about.
Think we can write him off as another Martin.

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There’s loads of others like it too. God knows why our club feed us the ‘niggle’ injury only for players never to be seen again. It’s really strange and example number 5059435 how this club manages to have no trust between fans and itself.

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If we stick with 451, and play Cook, I’d play Gordon in midfield. Works his socks off, helps out defensively and, despite the odd fiesty challenge, is disciplined in the job he’s given to do.


Interesting that people would choose to drop a striker who has scored 4 in 7!

Or, two in his last six.

So 1 in 3 or roughly 15 or 16 goals a season. Pretty decent for a Walsall striker.

My point was you can dress up stats to suit anything. Some players suit certain systems and play. Gordon suits the counter attacking play we’ve seen in this ‘tough run’. He won’t suit the way I think we should be playing against Oxford on Saturday.

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Devlin, Scarr, Guthrie, Leahy

Zeli, Osborne, Dobson, Blackett-Taylor

Gordon, Cooke

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No kinnsella for osbourne🙈

Not me, he plays in the 3 with Ismail and CBT behind Cook.

Just two in midfield but again the team needs now to go out and win some games so hopefully 4 out and out attacking players will help this. Dobson and Kinsella can cover plenty of ground and get their foot in so would be the two I’d go for.

Cook had some stick recently but I’d like to see how he looks from the start with genuine pace either side of him.

Remember the last time he was starting you had Devlin on right of midfield and Jarvis on the other side so it was very very slow on the counter attack.

I would go 4-4-2


Baizley, Roper, Hay, Aranalde

O’Conner, Keates, Corica, Samways

Leitao, Buckley


Ethereridge, Demetriou, Barras, , Wrack, Merson, Deeney, Junior