Team vs Burton


Play 4-5-1


Devlin Guthrie Scar Leahy

Ismail Edwards Dobson Kinsella Jarvis


Pack the midfield. Show the same fight as against Bradford. See where it takes us.


I agree with most of that.

Oteh does not look ready to start in vital League One relegation battles. Since the same is probably true of all the other available strikers at the club then it has to be Gordon on his own and pack the midfield.

I am not sure why Keates should prefer Scar to either Fitzwater or Johnson. He has not impressed me at all so far.


Not bad for a guy that’s scored 2 goals since coming back from injury and 7 from midfield last season


Not really fair that. He was impressive on debut cameo and I thought much more threatening than Cook at Blackpool. Gordon will and deserves to start but that is literally only based on the last game.

Me neither … until Saturday. You can’t drop any of the defenders after that. Besides what exactly has Fitzwater done to impress you so far this season?


We were unbeaten in the first eleven matches this season in which Fitzwater was in the middle of the defence.


And we conceded regularly. Besides Guthrie outshone him during that period. I think he’s been poor since the end of last season to be honest.

He was also dropped for Johnson and Martin because of his performances.


I would remind you he scored most of his 7 goals last year from wide left!!! however I like the look of the team SAMSARA has posted and would go with that if it is felt 4-2-3-1 might leave us more open. Not much in it in my view anyway.


Did he :thinking: could have sworn he mostly played through the middle last season. Besides goals is only one aspect and that is not a tally worth sacrificing your best centre mid for. He contributes goals in that role too. Like literally this weekend.


I would be inclined to play a 4-5-1 counter attacking side.

Roberts (obviously)

Devlin, Scarr, Guthrie , Laird

Kinsella, Dobson, Edwards, Jarvis and Leahy.


Maybe keep Osbourne and Ismail in reserve.

We need to be able to defend as a team. Last week Bradford had 23 attempts on goal (I know we had 10 men) and on another day could easily have had 4 or 5 goals.

Would be delighted with a point so no need for a gung ho approach.


Jarvis and Leahy on the wings?



Kinsella, Dobson and Edwards in the middle with Kinsella sitting in front of the back four


I like that formation to be fair. This one or 4-2-3-1 makes sense to me with two players holding to counter balance the wingers and the attacking mid.


I like the look of that tbh