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Thank You Bonser


If you’re going to say Blower you’re wrong…


That appears to be slightly out of date in regards to the percentage of shares he has. According to the latest statement of the 50,000 shares the club have he owns 32,664 of them which is just above 65%.


As I have previously stated I will stand side by side any fan, in protest, I am also willing to contribute financialy towards cost,s any protest,s may incure

But do not think you will force him out, that is a totally unrealistic goal, there’s more chance of the trust, getting there wish of a fan on the board, than him ever being forced out, and we all know that realisticly eithier option will ever happen

What can be forced is a change in operating policies, and quite easily done, what needs remembering is he can’t sell in his lifetime, he would never run the risk of the truth of how he got club. And his subsequent action,s ever coming to light. The master plan he executed to perfection, is now the very thing as to why he can’t sell in his lifetime, proven by the constant refusal of genuine bids recieved

People say starving him out will further damadge the football side, reality check is seriously needed here, as let’s face it can it even be possible, for it,s funding to decrease any lower, as it’s already down to the bone
he needs your money every single penny of it make no mistake, the only God he prays to his money

He has far more to loose than anyone in all of this, and he can’t afford to let that happen, just as he can’t sell the club, Attack him that way, only give him your admission, nothing else, yes he will front it out for a few month,s but won’t play that game for a prolonged period, and he certainly won’t put in any cash, with little hope of getting it back,

As I’ve said I will support any action. That,s agreed, in presence and financialy if required, But firmly believe that he will still be in charge , but hopefully will also have been forced into giving the football side of thing,s a bigger slice of the pie,


If he previously had around 75% and it’s dropped to 65% then it would fit in with the probability he’s sold 10% to his brother… probably to ensure his place on the board.


I wonder if the 10% ‘sale’ of shares to his brother was after May 31 2018 as that is the most recent information on the companies house website (taken from year ended 31 May 2018 financial statements)


Robert is listed on the latest statement as having 5,250 shares and that equates to exactly 10.5%


How much are the shares each?


I’m a bit more limited on this but my belief is because we are not public on the stock market the share value is what anyone decides to accept for one and therefore has no set value as such.


The nominal value of the shares is 50p. But that is meaningless since they are not listed on the stockmarkets. To buy some you first have to find someone who is willing to sell some to you and then agree a price with them.


Have just watched an article on Local BBC news up here in the north about the new Accrington Stanley Chairman.
The guy is ploughing Literally Millions of his own money into the club, his own accountant, and all if his family asked him not to but he insisted, it was HIS club and HIS town. Even got involved in preparing the groundworks for the new side stand, in his donkey jacket, hard hat and wellies, also still involved in ensuring the new toilets were properly done, again in hard hat and work boots. Apparently they have 6 full time staff!!! so, he says he has to ‘get his hands dirty’.
Can anyone here see Bonser doing likewise?


To the tune of “Nuno had a dream”:

Bonser had a dream,
To kill our football team,
He told us to support Bournemouth, Rotherham or Luton.
A laugh, he’s having a laugh,
So f*** off Jeff Bonsor and give our club back


We have 6 people in sales and/or commercial-marketing - god knows what they do with a club our size to look after!

In fact I wonder how much of their time is spent on football (job related) activity!?!?!


No nor anyone else. People like him are few and far between…Accrington are very lucky to have some one like him.


Interesting point there…I think we may be overstaffed in a number of areas including in the playing side but we lack quality.


As a graphic designer I could easily improve upon Walsall’s marketing / visual communication in my spare time. But as we are finding out, you get what you pay for at Walsall FC.


6 people in sales and marketing and I bet not one is a graduate or has any experience - how can they have?

How about they get rid of the 6 and get 2 in that know what they are doing and have qualifications. The old saying about quantity and quality springs to mind!


Those at the top should be conducting a root and branch review of the entire organisation. If I was them I’d be wanting to know exactly what everyone is doing.

I don’t use the kiosks but I’ve heard there’s usually staff in there that appear to just be there to hand things from back to front.

The left hand bar in the Stadium Suite on Saturday had 6 people behind it. Half doing buggar all.

And this thing about Gamble saying he was going to get the catering manager and bar managers to monitor their staff on matchday. Why aren’t the managers doing that anyway? What else are they doin mg on matchday?

There’s been quite a few times I’ve gone up to the ticket office window and been stood waiting as the lady behind the window is on the phone. Yet there’s other ticket office staff in the office just having a chat.

There just seems to be an air of complacency about the place.


As I’ve said before - if it were any other business in any other industry, it would be dead or put out of its misery…

A company has to grow, change and develop to survive these days and with the exception of one persons financial agenda, all other controls and considerations are of no real importance.

When the owner of a £4-5M business takes what equates to the best chunk of 10% of its total revenue (not profit) out each year for purely personal financial reasons, growth, ambition and a quality ‘product’ must be nigh on impossible.