Thank you to our SLO

Why do they still need to be told this stuff? its been going on for years surely they should already know and have it sorted.

Thought we had a stadium manager who looked after this stuff…


Too busy administering the biscuits.

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Hopefully this won’t escalate into a biscuit thread after this but are they chocolate hobnobs?

Aldi Custard Creme proxies. Absolutely minging.


I would love to see him on here to do the odd Q and A.

I think it would need to be a modded conversation but if Dan Mole’s Twitter experience is anything to go by, the fact that Graham’s only social media interaction is on that platform comes with the risks associated with interacting on a platform that isn’t moderated (enough).

And this place is still very widely read amongst our fanbase. Whilst there must only be around 50-75 regular contributors, there are hundreds if not thousands more who read it. Even this board’s detractors still seem to read it. (“I see them lot on UTS are having a meltdown” is a common one).

It’s magic that Graham is being responsive and I’m glad he is making a difference. The role is a good one. I’m not sure the selection process is good but if Graham is proving the value of the role itself then good. And I think an hour’s Q and A on here would help underscore that value and the fact that it is offering up something different.

No, I meant that’s all I can ask him to do with regards the leaking toilet, fix it, which it seems has been done.

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I wish I hadn’t bothered posting my thanks now. I’m sorry if me thanking someone causes some people to find another agenda to beat the club with. I am happy he responded immediately and addressed my concerns. If people aren’t happy then tough.


It’s not an agenda to beat the club with. It’s basics. Fixing a pipe should take however long it’s taken. It’s been an issue for years.

Good to see him being praised, I’ve always had replies too. Not sure if it’s jealousy or what but people criticised from the off and that loses credibility imo.


Response rate is good, even if it’s an acknowledgment he’s got the message.

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Because the appointment process itself was being criticised. Don’t think anybody ever accused him of being a bad person for the job (I did say at the time he’s a very effective E-mail forwarder). That also had nothing to do with his position as an SLO, but his elevation to the board as “fan representation”. He’s been an SLO for sometime with nobody particularly caring (and it must be said, while certain issues were left to fester).


Stockholm syndrome is the term I think

I find that when things are going well on the pitch, some people try to target individuals at the club for the sake of it. The club as an whole are making positive strides forward let’s encourage and get behind it.

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To be fair, the opening post was made to communicate one fans experience.

I can’t recall the club posting a press release saying they have fixed a bog.

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Well, apart from the fact the problem people had has sod all to do with performance on the pitch, as explained …

When did things start going well on the pitch? Better, yes, but it’s a pretty low bar.


2 defeats in 12 games aint to shabby lol, I take it you don’t go too many games ?

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I’ve seen every league game on ifollow this season. As I said, it’s better, but we are comparing it with dross.

14th in League Two is.