Thank you yo r m p products

Independent saddlers. Supporters association

A massive thank you to saddlers. Fan. Mark Edwards his brother Steve. and all involved with
r m p products Aldridge

Issa are currently finishing off a project down at the railway club that will become a huge asset to the community

Upon seeing our. Plea for help in securing four seven metre lengths of box steel. Mark made contact

Upon being told the project was to help some of the most under privaladged
Kids and disabled people. In the borough. Get access to sport he immediately sourced and donated the said steels we required

We really do have some very special people who believe in what Issa try to do in our community and. Willingly help us achieve our goals

I always say it but it’s the truth. It’s you the fans of Walsall, fc that make Issa the huge success it is and it makes you proud to be a saddler. When you receive such help from fellow fans

The generosity. And willingness to help there own by saddler fans. Never ceases. To amaze me

Take a bow Mark Edwards and all involved at r m p ptoducts. Your generosity will make a massive difference to those who will be using the new facility , especially. The disabled. And undeprivalaged kids. Who will make ful, use of it. And it will make a huge difference to there lives


Well done mate and everyone involved