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Independent saddlers supporters association

Ref. Railway Club

 for all those asking the railway Club will be open from 4 pm prior to tomorrow’s game against Wrexham

Free hot food. Will also. Be available

Please note, it will not be open after the game, tho. so please bear this in mind i if. planning on leaving the car

Everyone involved with the railway club would like to take the opportunity to thank each and every Walsall. fan who has visited the Club during the past year. We hope you have enjoyed Your visits.

It’s always a pleasure to have the Club packed with fellow saddlers on match days

And for those who don’t know we can now. inform you. The plans are well under the way that will see the old Club demolished and a brand-new Club built within the grounds.

It will. Be a state of the art. Club.  that will maintain its heritage as an LMRCA railway Club, but will also have a heavy Wfc influence

designed. To reflect on it historical identity whilst giving a subtle nod. To the history of wfc

Architects sre. busy, designing the new Club as we speak and from initial. Discussion’s it’s going to be a great venue. .

The old Club will continue to function until the new one is built And our aim is to is to try and provide you all. With a great pre match. Experience.

Many ex. Sadlers will be on board in a meeti and great role on match days As they are now and it was an honour. On. Saturday to have two legends from different. eras. In the club. Ie. Skip oconor And. Micky Evans.

We are so blessed to have some of the Buckley babes i.e. Rico Cassie and Kenny mower. As regular. Visitors also.

So. as. said a massive, thank you from all involved in. LMRCA railway club and. the independent Sadler supporters association for your continued support. We couldn’t do it without you guys.


You could have saved yourself a fortune by not employing an architect, just go for the industrial warehouse look.

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