Thanks For The Memories

I have been having a really rubbish time of things lately for one reason or another. I’m not posting on here to moan or complain. I got something today that really put a smile on my face.

My dear old Nan recently passed away at the grand age of 92. A Life well lived I can assure you. My Aunty sent me this photo today, my Nan had it on her wall all these years bless her.

A very memorable day in my life spent with my Dad and good friends. Someone almost died getting that scarf up there! Things may be bad, and we may be shit most of the time but no one can take these memories away.

I don’t really know what the point of the thread is, the photo just cheered me up no end. Use it for memories of that season, any season. Great days out, things that make you happy. Just make it a happy thread.

Up The Saddlers.


Lovely post. Sincere condolences

Cheered me up as well pal :wink: all the best

Sorry for your loss :frowning:
Take care

A Yorkshire lass but a saddlers supporter!
Condolences mate………

Very sorry to hear that.

It’s never easy but as you say 92 and a life well lived is a great innings.

My condolences.

sorry for your loss - but a great picture from some fantastic times - who will forget that night in the Air Balloon pub on the way back from Swindon!

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Not that one mate. 1rst of May 1999.

2007 Was pretty special too mind !

Aaaah of course - loved the Oldham game especially!

That was nearly half a lifetime away for me - but I still have great memories of that season. It’s those memories that still (at least to me) make up for the crushed dreams and faded hopes!