That night in Bury

I’d been to Gigg Lane a couple of times before that game and was behind the goal each time so I assumed it was the away end then. However, the couple of times I went in subsequent years, the away section was on the side.

I can remember away fans being located on all 4 sides at various times over the years (same at PNE), but the terrace behind the goal to the left as you approach the ground has been the most frequent.

What I remember most of that night is not being able to properly see the celebrations and players’ “lap of victory” on the pitch because loads of people climbed up the perimeter fence (something else to thank Thatcher for!) and blocked the view of everyone behind. Where were 3500 of those at Bury 2 nights earlier when the win at Scarborough (and Chesterfield’s defeat at home to Carlisle) set up a draw as being enough to go up? (Yes, I am a grumpy old man who bears grudges! :rage:)

And yes, the Scarborough game was moved forward from the Saturday. That was because it was bank holiday weekend and Leeds’ infamous riot at Bournemouth meant that the FL (no E in those days) banned all BH, or BH weekend, games at seaside teams for several seasons (pity not last weekend :flushed:). The Bury game was itself a rearranged fixture (due to a frozen pitch?) so we had to play 3 games in 6 days as the FL wouldn’t let us play either after everyone else has completed their fixtures.


The Tuesday night game was my only ever visit to the “Oven Chips” Stadium at Scarborough. Went with my two lads. Can’t remember too much about the game except Kevin Wilson scoring. Did Scott Houghton get the other?

Without doing the research and from memory of being at the game thought James Kelly scored a dipping volley for one of them. Might have got that mixed up though :thinking: If it was him he was done for manslaughter not long after that for killing someone.

I remember this night well…although I wasn’t there. I was glued to the radio as a young kid. Remember everyone in my house jumping around when the final whistle blew.

I remember the pitch being bone hard and the ball spending the majority of its time in the air. Great feeling at the end though.

In early visits to Bury (first time in mid seventies) we would swap ends at half time. Strange really given how fans behaved I those days.

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No that definitely happened lol

One of my first ever games this was, I don’t remember much of what happened but I remember my dad going mental at the final whistle :joy:

Got back from Bury that night on a high, buzzing having seen the saddlers win promotion. At that time I was living in a small Yorkshire farming village and the only bloke in the local pub when I got back was the village bore. I was wanting to talk about what a great night I’d had and all he would talk about was the soil society and what British standard number was on his gardening gloves, what a come down.


What a great night it was! Great memories.

Nearly broke my neck getting over the fence though! :rofl:


:rofl: was i there mate? i can’t remember lol.

I scaled the fence as well.
I went full hog that night, had my hair grade 0 for it :grinning:

Probably saw you there can’t remember much about the game mind was numbed by that ■■■■ in the pub

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I don’t know what time I got back from Bury that night but I was arseholed.
Still made work in Aldridge on the Friday though. Didn’t do a lot though.
What a night.
We had to stop for a ■■■■ on the M6 going up, got my mate to just pop his bonnet make it look like he had broke down whilst 3 of ■■■■■■ on the hard shoulder.
Them were the days.

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Kevin Wilson’s stache was a thing a beauty wasn’t it?

Maybe I missed something (only watched it on silent at work) but the badge at 28 seconds was not the badge we had that season?

The greatest 0-0 draw in history.
The save.
The fence.
The ball boy.
The fans.
The corner shop. (those that know,know).
The A56 pubs being full of Saddlers.

The night was ours fellow Saddlers, the night was ours!!!

I was there, sober as I was driving ,but can remember nothing about the match. The only thing I can clearly remember is the crowd getting Chris Nichol up on its shoulders.

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