The board

So now the dust has settled what is everyone’s feelings toward the board of Directors?

For me once again it seems the deflection tactic of appointing a new Manager has taken the heat off them for now (as usual).


My thoughts exactly @Mazza01.But I for one will not let it cloud the issue,and I don’t think @tinned will either. To my mind I still want him and his cronies out and I will be doing what a great deal of my mates will be doing next season and just going to away matches.

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Same as always. Gained back a little credit for seemingly backing Keates by bringing in his own personnel and a couple of his own targets but they’ve got a LONG way to go yet.

Mind you if ASPS is correct you will soon have some foreigners to berate. Best of luck with that!!!

Board? Bonser, Gilman and some lickspittle poodles? That’s not a board.

I think Mole likes to give the impression that he’s running the club on his own …

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I think, in terms of looking after the interests of Walsall the football club, he is.

The others turn up in disdain at fan focus events and then are unheard of afterwards. Mole seems to be at every signing, every event, like the Euro under whatever tournament, attending EFL events.

Certain others seem to be happy to sit in the shadows or even count rent cheques and never even bother showing their face at the ground.

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I could take or leave this board and owner. Many moan at them but Bonser et al have hardly done worse than anyone else has in 130 years. When are the ‘glory years’? We have always been 3rd division and are now. The main problem is we don’t have enough supporters, but that was also the problem before this board took over.

If the extra 3,000 who turned up at Northampton came every week and spent, say, £15 each on tickets ythat’s another £45,000 each home game which would be another £22,500 a week income. Maybe it would be taken away from football matters, maybe not.

I’ve made that argument before and was ridiculed on this board for “blaming the fans” when actually I was saying that they play a part in the position of the club because people who call themselves fans regularly turn up for one or two games every blue moon when there is an offer or an interesting team in town.

But that doesn’t mean its ok to take 2/3 players worth of wages out of the side for “rent” every year. Could be the difference at this level between bottom half and play off contention. That’s why people moan at Bonsor.

that’s the problem though isn’t it , how do we attract more fans to the club? money saving initiatives’ also fails to attract (in big numbers).

Has the reputation of the board now become so deep rooted that the damage is irreversible?

In the last 30 years football has undergone a fan revival with average attendances rising at almost all clubs. Walsall is not one of those clubs. The direction of Walsall Football Club Limited is set by the board,

Just need to wait for the wise words of the Shropshire Confucius now!

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I don’t know about confucious @tinned but it bloody confused me :laughing:


They all seem quite reasonable in the flesh.

I’m sure there doing the best they can,but without real financial investment from the top…

The feelings towards JB will always ‘taint’ the views of Walsall fans about the board. Fundamentally it is a business, and thats how JB is running it to the detriment of the fans. Having said that, i dont believe another chairman would be any different - it will be interesting to see how Villa set themselves up this year as im sure their owner will not be pumping any money in!

The question is, if we didnt have to pay the rent money plus an additional 2k on the gate, would we be competitive in the third tier?

Who knows, but it would be a good starting point though wouldn’t it?. I think we have paid more than enough money out now for Bescot stadium.

Do we know who the beneficiaries of the pension fund are? JB and his brother are trustees but others who worked in their companies may depend on the rent from the club for their living. If you had worked for JB, paid into a pension fund that bought a football ground then your former boss said he wasn’t going to charge any rent so couldn’t pay your pension, how would you feel? Happy or outraged?

If he is the only person to get an income from it maybe JB could reduce the rent, but is that the case?

I was under the impression the fund belonged to just 2 people Jeff and his brother.

If I was a pensioner who depended on a scheme in which the trustees wholly invested in something which resulted in such an obvious potential conflict of interests then I would have been outraged a very long time ago.
2 beneficiaries only in this scheme.