The Bonser Suite

Fellow’s Park (your butt) Suite

Can only remember the 5 star down there? i used to go in with my mates from work
I was always on edge though :joy:

The Cinnamons

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The Jonny Brain Bar

I liked Alex Nicholls, good hard working player who always did his best, but I’m not sure he did enough to deserve this honour. How about Chris Nicholl as an alternative? :smile:


I think that every fan has different memories of certain eras, and for that reason i am in agreement with other posters that Saddlers legends bar/lounge would be more appropriate
And decorate it with pics of memories over the years

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Glasses would get dropped everywhere



Rees Room?

Rambo’s retreat!!!

Viveash’s villa

Please no :see_no_evil:

Would be prepared to do a few weeks inside myself if its not removed soon😂

Tbh it’s got to be Buckley or Graydon for me

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If we have to remember Bonser anywhere we could call the supporters club bar The Gilded Handle.



Markris mansion
Gaffneys gaffe
Leahys laybye
Cooks pie factory

How about Pomletts Pub

The Roper’s Return


Only if I get free drinks.