The Clarke Way

Hi guys, there’s a good article regarding Chris Wilder ( Sheffield Utd ) on the BBC sports page, have a look, it really mirrors the way DC operates, wonder if Wilder is his blue print? They are so alike in their man management attitudes, let’s hope DC replicates everything that Wilder is currently achieving.

I have just read that article - really good - well worth a read

I reckon that’s exactly how DC is.

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Very similar, it wasn’t long back that he called out his goal keeper live on TV. He doesn’t stand for underperformance and isn’t scared to give an opinion.

Just shows when the results are there you can get away with anything.

Food for thought maybe?

Very good interview with DC on club site ahead of tomorrows game!

“Disapointed if i dont get a couple wide men”

Is there a link?

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Nice one :+1:

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Just listening to him I have every confidence that we will have a very successful transition of the club In his reign over the next few years, and hopefully give the club an identity which we can incorporate even when hes left, hopefully us the fans and pomlett can back him all the way even in the bed spells, I still think of all the names banded about for the walsall job we go the right man,

Darrell Clarke’s Barmy Army !!!

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Cant fault him for drive and passion one bit…