The Ear Cuppers


I can’t take credit for this… but a user on twitter has been suggesting fans ‘Cup their ears’ towards the players when we come out, score a goal, concede etc.

I think it might be a slight daft, yet very poignant way, of highlighting the gulf and lack of unity between players and fans…

Have our players ever hated us so much?

I can think of Devlin and Gordon in recent times doing the ‘ear cup’ - and probably some more from memory.

So please don’t take on Devlin’s martyrdom in his EnS interview today… Good personality? Seems like it. But this bloke is part of the problem. He cannot defend, and he was an ear cupper.

So is an ear cup response saft? Poignant or shall we talk about something more interesting?

Stream of consciousness now. If Stafflers introduces as the pride of the midlands on Friday I’m going to blow a gasket.



Pretty stupid to do it as they walk out onto the pitch or if they score. As unlikable as some of them are it’s in our interests to support and encourage them as much as possible.

After conceding or losing though? All for it.

Got to say I don’t really blame Devlin. He gets dogs abuse and always gives 100 percent. Think he has every right to give a bit back. Gordon and Cook though? Yeah bore off.



It’s never wise to bite the hand that feeds you.

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I agree. I think if relegation is confirmed then it becomes more of a scenario where it’s acceptable.

I know it’s daft, but I’m still clinging on to us somehow managing a win against Southend and Wycombe.



I thought I had got the date wrong when I read this but then I realised the 1st of April had gone a few weeks ago…I think some of our fans have gone bonkers. Who cares whether the players “cup their ears”? Your third paragraph is the best yet…what evidence do you have for that statement other than one or two idiot comments on social media? Do those individuals speak for the whole team? I doubt it…other than the second half against Oxford and from all accounts last Saturday I have seen no evidence of the team giving up despite the fact they have been badly managed for nearly 2 seasons now.



To be honest, I wanted to spark a bit of debate regarding the apparent vitriol and disdain out players have towards the fans - and which I think has led towards the fans and players not having any bond.

I think it’s a bit daft yes, but I think there has to be some accountability from or to the players - because this isn’t acceptable.

I also think some players haven’t been trying since December. I don’t buy the ‘last one and a half games’ talk - I think what the last one and a half games have revealed is a fan base that is at breaking point.

I think the fact there hasn’t been really any vocal lashing out against the team and players after the past 12 months is a credit to us all.



Like sacking under-qualified managers and enduring ■■■■ poor transfer windows, the yearly heightening of tension between supporters and the players/club is all part of the poisonous cycle we find ourselves in.



Absolutely. And it’s spiralling down and down.

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One thing I wanted to make aware is that something highlighting how players have had a go at fans, ear cupping etc., isn’t as daft or naive as it may seem.

These are symptoms of the poisonous and ultimately spiralling attitude our football club has towards us.

From the attitude of the chairman, the CEO who doesn’t talk to the media, the aggressive Club sec, the lack of pies, ■■■■ in the toilets etc.

All these things are symptoms of the disease that’s rotting our football club from the inside out.

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These players have had a very easy ride in my opinion… And how they can even attempt to give it back to the fans I find disgusting…
However this is our club and none of us want league 2 football next season… so they must be given our full support and more on Friday … But at the final whistle if we have lost and they have not given every ounce of energy and passion they have . They should be given a rollicking from every supporter in the stadium big time.

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You bloody dreamer.

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Walsall Football Club has been ear-cupping for years - lauding their stability, financial prudence and commercial profitability whenever questioned about how we fail to function as competitive sporting entity.

Can’t help but feel that the contempt some our players display toward supporters is just an extension of the animosity towards the fan-base that exists within club.

It’s ‘Them versus Us’ from top to bottom.



Too right. Anyone lucky enough to remember Fellows Park will remember players getting a right earful (and often a gobful in the eye) from fans positioned above the tunnel. These snowflakes don’t know they’re born in comparison.

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Why not do it… i’m all for anything that gets these players to hate us a bit more.

I dislike most of them and while I certainly don’t want league 2 football, I also don’t want these ■■■■■■ wearing our shirt for much longer.



Personally I think we should all show them our ■■■■■ … something they can relate to.

Bunch of oxygen thieves



Well you certainly did that!!! My view is that if supporters dish it out to individuals on social media there must be a temptation to respond. If any player does then he is an idiot as I said above but on our part it is wrong to take it as if he is responding on behalf of the team.
Someone mentioned Fellows Park…I remember well the boos and jeers that echoed around when we were rubbish. The big difference today is that it all gets personal. Calling out individual players is not something I would do as I regard football as a team game.That is not to say that during or after a match I would engage in debates with mates about individual players. I remember in the sixties endless debates about Ken Hodgkisson…was he a good player? On the one hand he had little pace but on the other he was a good passer of the ball and chipped in with a few goals. I had a particular friend who disagreed with me constantly but if he had a bad day none of us would think of abusing him as he left the field.
Anyway I am rambling on and boring everyone so my last word is to the players…keep off Social media,respect your employers and most of all respect the fans of this Club.



Should the person who pays my wage tell me I am underperforming,I certainly wouldn’t cup my ear at them.

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I used to feel sorry for some of them. Dave Bamber would skulk onto the pitch almost hiding behind his hair at the best of times during his torrid spell with us. After one particular stinker I remember him helping Roger Johnson stamp down divots on the pitch to kill a few seconds while the crowd dispersed but someone spotted him and shouted " Bamber…mek sure you find the one that legs y’ova when yom clean through".

Buckley got some dogs abuse when he was player manager when things wern’t going well. Nobody was immune.



After his thunderbastard of a goal on Sunday, Mo Salah treated the fans to a yoga pose, a prayer mat interlude, and topped it all off with an EAR CUPPING.
Such contempt for the bin dippers.

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