The future as we know it?

Interesting announcement from Rochdale here.

If this is the case for all of the clubs - i would rather sit and watch on iFollow. Very depressing times ahead for sure.

What will the matchday experience look like?
There will be no music played throughout the day. Supporters, under the current guidance, will not be allowed to sing, chant or shout.

Kiosks and toilets will be open, with distancing measures in operation.

Will there be any away supporters?

There will be no away supporters during the restrictions, and there will be no scouts or free tickets available to allow as many Dale fans as possible to attend matches.

What capacity restrictions will be in place at the Crown Oil Arena once fans are allowed back in matches?

The capacity of the Crown Oil Arena will be reduced to around 2,100 under the Covid-19 restrictions. There will be 365 spaces in the Main Stand, 624 in the Smith Metals Family Stand, 283 in the Sandy Lane Stand and 828 in the Reside Estate Agency Stand. You must remain in the seat allocated to you.

Can I sit with my friends?

Due to the local lockdown restrictions currently in place, only supporters from the same household/ support bubble can sit together. Our approved Covid seating plan allows seats to be allocated in up to groups of four.

I’m not even interested in watching on I - Follow to be honest.

I’ve followed Walsall religously for 40 years. Same as many on here, gone to ridiculous lengths to get to games. Football was only barely clinging on to the game I fell in love with anyway, before Covid. If that is the new normal, I have no interest in investing any time, money or emotions in to it. What kept me going all these years, is the people you have met, the people you meet and connect with. I will just knock it on the head, and hope at some point in time we get our lives back.


After trying to watch recorded games on TV since they have been played behind closed doors , I can definately state that if this is the way forward to how football will be viewed … I.E only on IFollow or TV , I can put my hand on my heart and state here and now that I will not be interested any longer in the game.


Can’t be any worse than sitting in a soulless bowl though mate surely?

At least have a couple of beers - decent food etc.

The above in my opinion is absolutely depressing.

Can’t agree more with you mickey , but it’s about the being there , seeing it live ,
the atmoshere , the meeting of other fans , the banter , you won’t get any of that from not going to the ground.
Yes you can sit in the comfort of your own home , have nice food and a few beers without the queuing , but that is not what makes me enjoy my football experience.

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I should add, I have no problem with any fan that chooses the I- Follow route, or whatever they want to do, it’s just not for me. Got to make the best of what there is in all areas of life at the moment. It is really depressing as you say though.


What will be the point of going …

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to watch the football?
You can see far more at the game rather than watch a tv where the camera is following the ball.


Or in other words “support” the team, so we won’t be supporters anymore.

This isn’t guidance its tyranny, and if we allow it to continue that’s our way of life gone, who on earth wants to “live” in a world like this? Everything that makes life enjoyeable, social and connected being removed bit by bit as the “restrictions are lifted”. Folks scuttling around wearing pointless masks that hide their facial expression and turn their words into unrecogniseable mumbles. Music, sport, togetherness all under constant attack. What on earth has playing music at a venue got to do with Covid 19?

If you’re bothered about stuff don’t go, if you’re not let’s just get on with our lives of which being a football supporter, for me is a huge part.


My feeling exactly - everyone in the stadium knows the risk on entry.

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I don’t know where Rochdale get their instructions from.
Here is part of the (draft) document issued by the Sports Grounds safety authority which clearly states that spectators should take care when shouting, singing or celebrating:

Could it be potential local lockdowns having an impact?

Would this not be the similar scenario in other stadiums then maybe?

Yeah I think they’re getting a bit jumpy given the situation in Greater Manchester. I’m still pretty optimistic about being able to watch us live from early October.

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There was fear monger about how pubs would be unrecognisable going forward. How gyms, cinemas, restaurants, travel, shops would all be so awful.

There’s been change (some, like gyms for example, for the better in my opinion), sure. But is it the Tyranny that was mythered over (and still pretended to be by some)? No. Is there no sign of a return to normal in the future? No

Footballs no different. There will be sensible change to begin with and then it will be back to normal. You can either whinge or get on with it :man_shrugging:


Do Rochdale fans usually sing, shout or chant? :man_shrugging:


No music? Is that because it would ramp up the atmosphere encouraging us to sing / chant? If so, perhaps they could play an instrumental orchestral version of “you’re not singing anymore” over the PA at about 50 decibels. That would seem appropriate. :mute:


The proof is in the pudding above - from Rochdale site directly.

Not that we are whinging but more so the fact its a concern when we are all so passionate about it.

If you want to see the full Covid 19 recommendations of the Sports grounds safety authority (all 85 pages) it’s available as a PDF download here:
The SGSA is responsible for the issuing of licences to the 90 Premier League and English Football League grounds, along with Wembley and the Principality Stadium to allow them to permit spectators to watch matches

Or they could always play John Cage’s 4 minutes 33 seconds. I am sure it would go down a treat at Spotland…

As wikipedia says about it
"The piece consists of the sounds of the environment that the listeners hear while it is performed, although it is commonly perceived as “four minutes thirty-three seconds of silence.”

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:rofl: :rofl:
It’s a cracking song, but mildly disappointed by the third verse.