The Game Plan

What is it?

I know we’re unbeaten in 8, so I’m really nitpicking, but I’m confused by the following

Playing out from the back, only to hoof it forwards and bypass the Midfield.

Bypassing the Midfield.

Playing Inverted Wingers, but asking them to go wide.

Playing everything out wide.

Asking Ward to be an attacking full-back, when he can’t get forward, and certainly can’t get back again.

The only 2 substitutes each week being Shade/Phillips for Kiernan, and Perry for a CM.

Having a team of giants, but being crap at set pieces into the box.

Feel free to shoot me down…

Set formation, pretty obvious we look for wing play for goals, seems to be where most come from, which can be a ball over the top in behind the full back or worked through the thirds. The height might not have worked out at set pieces, but we look dominant in the air defensively, which at our level of football you see a lot of.

Talking of the defence, it plays narrow and compact. Which hurts us at times, but it’s cut out a lot of silly errors and has looked pretty solid recently bar Barrow.

But other than that you’re right.

Whatever the plan is, it’s working.

Since the Salford game four weeks ago, we’ve conceded three goals and in pretty much every game I don’t recall Rushworth having to make many saves at all, if any.

Defense is alot more solid, Monthe and White particularly in the last month or so have been superb.

Having Labadie back in the side makes a huge difference, him and Earing seem to work extremely well together.

Then going forward, the front four seem to be each chipping in with goals every week. Kiernan yesterday, Shade last week, Miller the week before, Wilkinson before that.

So it’s pretty much a team performance every week now rather than say last season where we literally had to rely on Adebayo for the first part of the season, then in the second half of the season we had no one to rely on and went into games with almost no hope.


It’s league 2 football, the game plan is to make fewer mistakes than the opposition and it’s working.

Oh and we now have a striker, it’s that simple.


Walsall keep losing: OMG we have no plan
Walsall win a few: OMG what’s the plan

Did I miss anything?


Just airing some views to gauge opinion.

As long as it works, it works, and maybe that’s just a testament to how bad L2 football is.

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Don’t know what the plan is but thank goodness we’ve got Earing, without him we’d be a bit below bang average. Clear man of the match yesterday. Obviously delighted to be creeping up the table and reaching the giddy heights on the second round.


And Menayese, probably needs signing up just as much as Miller, if not more.


As it stands, Kins might find it difficult to get back into the starting 11.

Unfortunately the supporters, as usual, don’t get the slightest bit of information from the club about who, what, where. It’s a guessing game from top to bottom at the club which leads to the inevitable speculation about who we are signing, what money is available, loan players and options for signing. For whatever reasons, it’s a black hole. Posters have been asking questions on this site about Miller and Menayese as potential signings for a couple of months. The club can’t even be up front about Holden instead we get dribbles of information which are no better than hints they couldn’t even be bothered to let us know about the injury to Wilkinson a couple of weeks ago. 2
Your guess is as good as mine :roll_eyes:

Game plan - club plan …who the duck knows!

ps Oh yes… and everyone at the club “are pleased”


If having no game plan means we go 8 games without a loss then I’m happy to have no game plan.
What I do know is the run of decent results as come about with the defence tightening up, Monthe and Meneyase have struck up a decent partnership and suit one another, still think we have one of the weakest left backs in league and teams do target him.
All in all let’s keep it going and see what happens in January, one thing I do know is these lads are giving all they have for MT and the fans and it’s been a few years since we’ve been able to say that.

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Common sense tells us walsall will try and sign there best loan players if the players are available It would seem some fans just think its a case of Miller we really like you and want to sign you so if you could just sign on the dotted line please.

What makes you think just because the fans have raised questions about potential signings on uts fans forum the club are going to make a statement about wanting to sign Miller :thinking:.

When have any club ever done that.

There’s a Fans Forum Tomorrow an opportunity to ask questions maybe you should go along.

Players injuries have been openly discussed when Matt Taylor as been asked. So don’t see your issue there.

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Why does common sense tell us that? Since when did we sign our good loan players?

It’s a fair question from Cully.

When did we not try a sign our best loan players?

Since we never signed any ?

Yes defence still has odd poor decision in it but it’s really starting to settle down now into a decent enough unit. Huge clean sheet at Sutton the other week.

When’s it get decided if Monthe gets banned btw for what he may or may not have said at his previous club? Would be a blow to lose him for a few games, hopefully Ash Taylor comes in and plays better than he did start of the season.

Just because we didn’t sign them don’t mean we didn’t try.

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Must just be a huge coincidence then , hence the question.

Not a loan player I know, but remember when we offered Grigg a 4-year deal? The whole club would have shit itself if he’d accepted it.

Not for one minute do I believe they ever made it worth him considering either.

Onto loan players, there’s nothing to say that we haven’t tried to keep the best ones, but even if we have tried, can you honestly say we would have pulled out all the stops to get them? Or would we have made them a paltry offer not worth the paper it’s put down on?


Big difference between ‘trying’ and ‘signing’. For all anyone knows the club could be bending over backwards to sign our best loans players.

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